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Jan and I wanted a whole new eating experience to celebrate our 100 monthsary this week. We picked a place by the docks that has the most amazing view. The restaurant is a stand alone glass house and you would be able to see yachts and sailboats park, sail and return as you eat.

This was taken from where we were seating

And this is the view right in front of the restaurant facing Etihad Stadium

Dirty Granny Apple Cider, 7AUD
Back inside, Jan started out with a glass of cider that he found too bitter.

Seafood Antipasto, 34AUD

Having been in Melbourne for quite some time, I haven’t had the chance to try or find a restaurant that serves seafood platter. Fisherman’s basket from all over town doesn’t count. I haven’t even been to any markets or private grocers to try their fresh fish produce, I know, I know.. there is still a lot that I have not tried.

The Seafood Antipasto comes with a chef selection of cold and hot seafood tapas with bunch of rockets and three various dips. The dips were amazing whatever the secret recipe was. There were two fish flakes and two potato cakes in the fry basket, pan fried calamari beside it and the most wonderful item on the platter was the scallops (top left). Fresh and deep fried prawns underneath. No stinky affair, it was very fresh. Folded smoked salmon, anchovies and capers in one bowl and two oysters on the right. Both Jan and I were very satisfied with the presentation and the taste of each of these cholesterol hefty dishes.

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder, 28AUD

After that starting platter, both Jan and I had this Lamb Shoulder main dish that comes with cauliflower puree underneath, flat bread, and salad on the side. The salad was a mixture of pomegranate, coriander, onions, lentils and finely cut almonds. The citrus of lemon made everything taste fresher and more pleasing than it already was. Believe me, we could have finished and ordered an extra plate of flat bread on the side if eating doesn’t involve calorie counting.

Jan completely satisfied after all that eating. But we couldn’t leave without a taste of Berth Restaurant’s dessert. After all we are celebrating a special event…

Sticky Date Pudding, 10AUD

A warm Sticky Date Pudding served with a lake of warm butterscotch sauce. Cold vanilla bean ice cream on top and notice how the ice cream strategically falls along the pathed valley. Absolutely delicious.

And a picture together to commemorate the continuous growth of our relationship. Tonight we look back and celebrate the many years of love and laughter. New milestone achieved and may we always keep the sparks alive.

The restaurant is very spacious with a second floor upstairs. Upstairs is mostly booked for private functions such as weddings, christenings or other corporate events.

Alfresco dining is also available but with the confusion of Melbourne summer weather, it was too cold and windy for anyone to stay out.

Berth Restaurant opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think the best time to come is right before sunset. Watching the sky from bright to orange, red and then dark, was one of the highlights of our night.

Berth Restaurant & Events
45 New Quay Promenade, Docklands
Melbourne, Victoria 3008
Tel: +(61) 03 9670 0199

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  1. Wow! This restaurant looks very beautiful in all the images. I wish I can also book Boston restaurants as soon as possible. Actually it’s my 3rd wedding anniversary and my wife is from Boston and she love’s seafood so can you help me in booking a nice restaurant there?

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