The Taste Of Melbourne

Visited The Taste Of Melbourne as we received complimentary tickets to the event from B’Stilla. The event runs from 13 November to 16 November 2014 and since its the period of Australia’s The Age of Good Food Month, I was keen to sample food from famous restaurants and local confectionary startups that pitched up tents for this event. We had to use a crown card and deposit an amount to purchase.
It was a terrible day to come. We did not stay long because it rained the whole night.
It started pouring heavily about 10 minutes after we came in when we were queueing up for Gazi, and hence, the lack of pictures.. Gazi and Niew Amsterdam were the only stalls we ordered from because we were stuck here on this tent. Bummer. I was previously excited for Brooks, Mamasita, Pope Joan, Movida and Burch & Purchese, but all of that didn’t happen. Well, maybe next time.
Soft Shell Crab Souvlaki
We ordered Gazi’s crispy and salted Soft Shell Crab Souvlaki with light mint, honey and mayonnaise spread. The pita texture was unique, like thick and light crispy pancakes, or flattened crumpets slash English muffins. Its unexplainable, they need a proper name for this textured pita. The taste of the soft shell crab was delicious as it is clean and fresh. However, it it had a little of that papershell quality which I am not a fan of. That’s the thing with me and soft shell crabs, they have to be on point, not outgrown, or I would disguise its standards.
Smokey Beef Brisket + Pork Trotter Nuggets + Pimiento Cheese Fritters
We also ordered tapas from Niew Amsterdam, of which, we all fell madly in love with the Pimiento Cheese Fritters. Tons of liquid cheese oozes out with every single bite and I flew over the moon after drenching it with the lemon puree.
Sadly, we did not get to try out food from other stalls because of the rain and only stayed for an hour at the event. We left immediately after discovering that the weather forecast predict the rain wouldn’t stop crying throughout the night. Price wise, everything was escalated and I think it would be better to try these foods in itself at the respective restaurants. Food on ceramic, marble or China, indoor shelter, and the right ambiance would definitely be preferable over the gnarly and emotionally unstable weather.
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  1. Sally Li says:

    you should have gone on Friday or Saturday when it was nicer

  2. What day did you go on? We were going to go on Saturday for lunch, but due to potential rain we went on Friday afternoon and all was well! Super curious, did you bring your own props and chopping board to take pictures with? 😛 I don't remember seeing that wooden texture.

    • We went on a Saturday. We sat at Niew Amsterdam and it was laid out like that for us. But that's a good idea to have your own portable picnic table or mat (just put it in the car's trunk). It'd be useful for any type of events 😉

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