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This post is several months overdue, and I have no idea why its not up on the blog yet. I find myself eating faster than I write. Now that the holidays are here, its not helping. My drafted posts would keep increasing, but I am going to take it easy and still post these blogposts at the rate as it is now, a blogpost in every two days, so bear with me.

My boo and I was just done after a long lingering day of tutes in Melbourne Uni. Well yeah, three hours of school is long enough for me, yikes! Actually, Jan skipped class just to have lunch with me. Boy, isn’t he a keeper?! Don’t worry, we skip classes all the time. Middle Fish is just a block away from The Spot (commerce building centre) and they serve modern Australian breakfast, coffees and Thai food for lunch.


The interior is quirky, vibrant, and you could sense elements of the Melbourne grunge but somehow still exuding that Thai vibe. That’s a pretty cool piece of chandelier? Not sure, I don’t even think they ever need to turn it on since they are only open during the day.


Mussaman, 16AUD

I came here several times before but did not take pictures of lunch. I have tried several things on the menu and I have to say that I love their Green Curry more than the Mussaman. Don’t get me wrong, this one is delicious as well. The Musamman here is cooked with dark ox cheek with peanuts and fried shallots. I enjoyed the ultra softened carrots and onions with the curry. This smelled really great too.


Here’s my man absolutely satisfied with his pork belly dish.


Kha Na (Pork Belly), 16AUD

I insisted Jan order the pork belly Kha Na since I ordered this dish the last time round, and loved it. Its a stir fried pork belly slices with Chinese broccoli and chilli. After having too much omelette, scrambled and poached eggs from brunches, a fried sunny side up was also a refreshing change. An upside to this Thai restaurant is that they give you the option for white or brown rice. I always choose the latter. After moving in to Melbourne, I have converted to acquiring more love for brown over white rice, wholegrain breads over white breads. It just tastes better.


Another great thing, always, always.. have sriracha on the side.


The space at Middle Fish is huge, and often not left empty. Ten minutes after I took this picture which was still before noon, it was all filled up and came in a crazy queue outside patiently waiting for seats.


Here’s a wacky alleyway to the washroom. Don’t get fooled, boys cubicle is in pink, and blue for the ladies! On a side note, I still haven’t tried their famous Thai-style coffee or tea. It comes with condensed milk and its their signature drip. I’m guessing it’ll be similar to the ones back in South East Asia, but we’ll see.

Middle Fish
122-128 Berkeley Street, Carlton
Melbourne, Victoria 3053
Tel: +(61) 03 9348 1704

Mon to Sun: 8am-4pm
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