Gami Chicken


So, most of my (especially) Indonesian friends have been quite maniacal on Gami Chicken and insisted that I should try. The first two trips we made to Gami Chicken on a weekend without booking and it was as a total failure. The waiter told us that if we don’t make reservations, don’t bother. But the third try, we went without reservations on a weekday night and we managed to secure seats at the King Street’s outlet.


Free prawn crackers to start. Jan also ordered a bottle of Premium Light Cascade because he said beer and chicken pairs well together.


Gol Bang El 골뱅이, 15AUD

Gol Bang El, aka a type of sea snail and more commonly known as the bladder moon snail. I wasn’t aware there would be snails on the plate, hey, the menu didn’t say so! I just thought it was a type of salad, and the brown chunks in it, hm… mushrooms? It tasted albeit funny, chewy like abalone. Then I decided to google what Gol Bang El was, and I was.. mortified! I compulsively detest against certain foods like snails, escargots, frogs, turtles and what not. I tend to picture these animals’ image in my head and I couldn’t help but repulse when offered. But that’s just me leaning towards the bias, Jan kinda liked it. It comes with noodles on the side, imagine kimchi noodle salad. As for me though, I guess I am not too much of an adventurous foodie.


Half / Half (Sweet Chili + Sweet Soy Garlic) 반반, 32AUD

Not sure how many pieces, but its a whole Korean style fried chicken cooked half and half. The winning factor was the sauce and the crispy batter. You could pick it with bones or without. I wanted my carnivorous self to eat like a gruesome beast and bite these pieces to the bone without having a care of public messiness. The Sweet Chili sauce had more oomph flavour while the Sweet Soy Garlic is drier and more subtle. I couldn’t pick a favourite but Jan prefers the red sauce. Both were equally delish to me! Many of you might not agree, and maybe its a biased sentimental attachment, but overall, and yet again (as repeated many times), I’m still more of a fan of Chick In’s Gang Jung fried chicken than Gami Chicken. Sorry folks!

Gami Chicken

26 King Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9629 2302

Mon to Sun: 5.30pm-11pm

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