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Spot Monsieur Truffe’s signage and enter from the red door. These two French words denote East Elevation’s business partner, whom are purveyors of the cafe’s delightful couvertures. In Melbourne, a merger between a brunch place and a coffee roasting house is a common scene, but having a chocolate factory within the cafe itself is something else.


Visible from every seat, this chocolate machine was working its magic and its right there on display.


These chocolate blocks and truffles (on the bottom) are available for purchase. They would be great for cooking or just to eat it on its own.


Monsieur Truffe Couverture Iced Chocolate, 5.50

According to the waiters at East Elevation, Monseiur Truffe’s chocolate blends were announced as the the best hot chocolate in Melbourne for two years and running. The hot and iced chocolate were melted and blended with milk, nothing came from the powder form. The iced chocolate my friends ordered were pretty good but I very much preferred my hot chocolate.


Monsieur Truffe Couverture 70% House Blend, 5AUD

The hot chocolate was more towards the bitter end with hints of sweetness. I enjoyed the thick consistency but my personal preference still leans by Gânache Chocolate’s couvertures. That’s the thing with human expectations, we always moderate our bias judgements based on comparisons. But sure, this version was pretty good too.


Its always a pressure eating out in crowded places trying to avoid stares from the other tables as I stand up to take a collective food photo of one single table. One or two shots and I have to be done, so I apologise for the unorganised mess. On the brightside, its a beautiful mess you are looking at.


It took us about 15-20 minutes or so before finally getting a table. Boy, this place was swarming.


Harris Cold Smoked Salmon & Crème Fraîche Crepe, 18.50AUD

This dish was a reinvigorating mix of cold savoury salmon, cold poached egg and refreshing side salad. I could see myself recreating that apple and caperberry salad, adding watercress and some brussel sprouts instead of the dill.


King & Swiss Brown Mushrooms, 17.50AUD

My babe Felisa ordered the king of all mushrooms with everything vegan from spinach to avocados on a rye toast. Yeah I know I still consider goat cheese as something vegetarian.


And you reading my blog entries, stay hungry, stay foolish, because food is a substitute for love.


Otway Pork Belly & Roasted Pears, 21AUD

Audy’s order wasn’t at all surprising, anything with pork (especially pork belly) and he would order it. The pork belly slices comes with roasted pears, a mix of lentils, red radicchio salad, cherry tomatoes and because pork goes so well with apples, you’ve guessed it, apple puree to tie the knot.


Ricotta & Rose Stuffed Crepes, 17.50AUD

My order was this beautiful crepes with generous slay of ricotta with sweet fresh berries on top. The saffron-lemon syrup drizzle was light and not heavy in the mouth (although.. I won’t mind that either) and it made it so much healthier than its supposed to be. A method to always spice up your soft pancakes is to add some crunch. These hazelnut pralines did the trick.


Croque Monsieur, 19AUD

Croque Monsieur would usually take a long time to bake, especially when its of that consistency above. I have never really seen a Croque Monsieur with this much cheese, and if I could make you swoon even further, its French gruyere we’re talking about. Now, this is easily the best Croque Monsieur I have tried by far. I know I am backed by a huge audience behind me who also agreed with how pleasant this dish was because Croque Monsieur is East Elevation’s signature dish. What was sandwiched within two toasts were free range ham slices, braised leek, mustard and béchamel sauce.


And the girls doing what we do best and wearing our favourite accessory, something we call, the ‘smile’.


No human echolocation this time, there was enough space for everyone and we did not have to shout out to each other to be heard despite sitting in the middle of a huge crowd. Hence for that matter, and of course the food, we were all very satisfied with our meals. Is East Elevation worth another visit? Yes, I would gladly come back anytime.

East Elevation
351 Lygon Street, Brunswick East
Melbourne, Victoria 3057
Tel: +(61) 03 9381 5575
Mon to Fri: 8am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 8.30am-5pm
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  1. MikhaelfBlue says:

    Looks awesome! Been on my wish list for a little while – you've made me want to go now even more!
    p.s. know exactly what you mean about standing and taking photos – applaud you for doing it 😉

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