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Burch & Purchese is one of my favourite cake stores of all time ever since it opened not long ago. I have had my birthday cake from them twice in a row for both years that I have been in Melbourne. Burch & Purchese is well known for its unique style of sweet desserts, one that you wouldn’t be able to find in anywhere else in the world. Show me a picture, give me a bite, one look and I would be able to distinctively recognize Burch & Purchese’s cakes from its competitors.

I remembered first coming in to Australia with no clue of Australia’s famous chefs. I was greeted by Darren Purchese (also the owner) when I first bought my birthday cake the year before, completely oblivious with the fact that he is a prominent figure in the pastry culinary world. I realised soon after, that he oftens make guest appearances on Masterchef Australia. And you know how much of a fan I am of Fox’s US Masterchef, now I need to start watching Masterchef Australia too shouldn’t I! Darren Purchese gave me his name card, and asked his assistant to design the perfect birthday cake for me. More on that here. The next time I see him, I’ll say hey, and thank you.

With all the flavour they had, Burch & Purchese’s point of differentiation lies with its intricate cake design and mixing unexpected ingredients together. They are known for layering spreads, nut or cake crumbles, jellies, mousses, creams, sponges, meringues, I could go on and on.

Smoked White Chocolate, Coffee, Cardamom, Lemon Cheesecake, 9AUD

Look at all of that layers. It had cocoa nib brownie, coffee sponge, lemon curd, cardamom, coffee cream, crunchy almond meringue, lemon cheesecake, smoked white chocolate cream and salted coffee crumb. Lemon and coffee? Crunch almond meringue? Who would’ve thought.

Pistachio, Green Tea, Yuzu, Blackcurrant, White Chocolate, 9AUD
Can you see how delicate their white chocolate mousse is, it looks like a fantasy. I had a similar one for my birthday last year, it was superb. You just have to try it to fully understand my emerging lust for the contents of this acrylic tube.

Peanut, Raspberry, Caramel, Chocolate, 9AUD

Next we had a more chocolatey tube. The amount of peanut mousse was surprisingly light, unlike thick peanut butter that I initially imagined. I love that with the mousse tubes or even cakes, they managed to mix light mousse and thicker cream with something crunchy. Could be crumbs, could be crushed sponges, anything to balance the ying and the yang. Perfect! It was a challenge as I might not have convinced you with taste, but I hope I have visually draw you in with these photographs.

Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate (18cm Round), 49AUD

Here’s what my birthday cake looked like this year. Jan bought this for me by surprise, but I am not surprised what he picked was what I loved. It had several layers of raspberry cream, marshmallow, with chocolate chip cookie crumb. There is also a red chocolate velvet sprayed raspberry and milk chocolate mousse. And you see those crumbs on top? They are popping candies! Its such a sweet pleasure for everytime I take a bite, my tongue goes pop, pop, pop.

In jig time, Burch & Purchese easily became my favourite cake store in Melbourne. And the best part? Its located probably a hundred metres from where I live. I have tried many flavours and even up till now, I have yet to decide a favourite because I love almost every single one of them.

Burch & Purchese

647 Chapel Street, South Yarra
Melbourne, Victoria 3141
Tel: +(61) 03 9827 7060

Mon to Sun: 10am-6.30pm

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