B’Stilla – Duck & Chicken Pie, Almond, Cinnamon, Saffron, 14AUD

B’Stilla, pronounced as B-stee-ya is a type of Moroccan dessert meat pie. Traditionally, pigeon meats were used, but many Moroccan restaurants serve chicken or duck B’Stilla because they were more readily available in the market today. There were plenty of almonds within and the meats were a little dry for all our liking. This was supposed to be the star dish of the restaurant. It was good, but some of us were slightly confused to categorize this as a savoury or sweet dish. It has to be one or another, at least that was Jan would have preferred. I love the excitement of trying something different and we were all first timers in trying the B’Stilla at B’Stilla that night (not so punny). I’m not sure if I liked meat pies with icing. It was weird, good, but still weird. I enjoyed this dish, but it wasn’t my favourite of the night.


Heirloom Carrot, Hazelnut, Smoked  Chilli, 10AUD

I took delight in each slices of the soft overly cooked heirloom carrots that I forked out. It has a slight tangy and citrusy kick with the cut out mandarins on the plate. The crushed hazelnut also added a good crunch to the whole plate.


Tangier BBQ’d Octopus, Tahini Remoulade, Kale, 12AUD

We were blown away by the octopus legs when paired with the Tahini remoulade. It was one of the best sauces we have tried in our lives, everyone agreed. Although for 12AUD, we wished there would be more than just two legs. More suction cups please.


Cous Cous, Apricot, Cranberry, Raisins, Sunflower Seeds, 10AUD

We all enjoyed the Moroccan richness of this Cous Cous. It had all the perfect types of dried fruits combined. If I could have this everyday, I’m never having rice again.


Lamb Mechoui, Honey Baked Prunes, 32AUD 

This is some fine textured lamb, crispy edges and with moist, tender meat. It was the perfect platform to absorb some flavour from the honey baked prunes.


Cauliflower, Pine Nut Sauce, Ras El Hanout, Herbs, 8AUD

Crispy crusted, sweet and salted taste from the caramelised cauliflower heads, and beautiful pine nut sauce that coats it. These crinkled cauliflower were seriously addictive.


Beef Short Ribs, Carrot Jam, Herbs, 34AUD

Laid in a bed of tasty carrot puree, the Beef Short Ribs was my favourite dish of the night. I have to say its not an easy pick, given that all of the other dishes could almost match up to the standard of these ribs.


Here’s a group photo of my favourite bunch. We were also given four tickets to the Taste of Melbourne event that I will be blogging about soon really soon. Can’t wait to eat my heart out especially now that exams are over. Examination period was the time for all that bingeing, but holidays are the prime time to explore and eat. Don’t you get it? Its a pleasurable vicious cycle.


And yes, it was Yan’s belated birthday dinner and she did not know that we planned a secret panna cotta to go with at the end of dinner. Happy Birthday Yan! Cherish every moment because this is the oldest that you have been and the youngest that you’ll ever be again. You will always be in all our hearts my friend!


Set Yoghurt, Vanilla Bean, Raspberry, Lime, Honeycomb

This panna cotta was a light and sweet dessert, a great end to our happy meal. The small candle almost fell off and it did not manage to stand for long. Thankfully I got a picture before it collapsed. This has just got to show how incredibly lightly textured this dessert was did it? The Set Yoghurt is a new rendition to their set menu. So if you’re here, don’t forget to end your meal with a decadent thwack.

30b Bray Street, South Yarra
Melbourne, Victoria 3141
Tel: +(61) 03 9826 2370

Mon: Closed
Tue to Sat: 5.30pm-12am
Sun: Closed

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