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Tsubu Bar is a Japanese restaurant and sake bar in Melbourne University, just beside Lot 6. The thing I like a lot about liberalism is that it encourages diversity and individualism. Welcome to Australia, back in Asia we weren’t allowed to have alcohol in school compounds, let alone sell it. Boo? First off, I apologise for the lower quality photos because these were taken with my old iphone, but I thought this place still deserves to be blogged about. I had lunch with the boys the other day and these were what we ordered.


Grilled Pork Belly, 16AUD

Here is sliced and crispy braised pork belly with slaw vegetables and steamed rice. Crispy pork skin and soft pork fats were absolutely spot on. If there is one thing they could add on with would be an additional sauce on the side.


Japanese Beef Curry, 14AUD

We also had Japanese Beef Curry consisting of slow braised beef with carrots and potatoes.


Bento Box, 10AUD

For the Bento Box, there is a variety of sides you could pick from. For 4 sides, we paid 10 bucks for it, or alternatively, 12 bucks for five. We had pan fried lotus which was all of our favourites, roasted potatoes with sesame, potato salad and chicken drumlets.


Soy And Ginger Chicken, 15AUD

If you want the classic grilled chicken thigh chop, opt for the Soy And Ginger Chicken with mixed vegetables.


It was a crowded lunch crowd that we mixed with when we visited. Tsubu Bar is a new restaurant addition to Melbourne University and it opened only recently. With Lot 6 being its neighbour, it was a strategic location to be at and my guess is that they have been stealing a lot of Lot 6’s customers. Although if I have to pick, I should be seen at Lot 6 more often that I would be at Tsubu Bar.

Tsubu Bar
Gate 6 Swanston Street University Of Melbourne, Carlton
Melbourne, Victoria 3010
Tel: +(61) 03 9035 3410
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