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Our weekend ritual always starts with good food and cup of coffees. Every week we would try out different places to eat. Soaking in the morning light by sitting outside of the cafe was very rewarding, no other sweeter experience than to do, just simply, this. The Kettle Black is the new state-of-the-art brunch destination, which, its clean and white facade expands of what was already spacious. Ah, roomy! And if you haven’t already know, The Kettle Black is a sister branch to Top Paddock and Two Birds One Stone.


Crowded but cozy, high ceiling always helps.


Skinny Cappuccino, 4AUD + Mocha, 4AUD

Jol and I started out with coffees while waiting for our food to arrive. The blend was decent, not too bad.


Polenta Porridge With Burnt Maple, Textures Of Strawberry & Basil, 15AUD

I ordered the beautiful Polenta Porridge with three different textures of strawberries, dried, fresh, and in compote form, all premixed and served with. I was also delighted to eat smooth skinned petals, which I could still hardly consider it as, edible. The circumference portion was the best part because it was where all the non-thick burnt maple was poured at. The middle portion was a little plain. I almost wished they gave us more maple, separate from the plate, so I could pour it anywhere on my own. Nonetheless it was still a beautiful dish, which was absolutely worth the try.


Hotcakes With House-Made Ricotta, Blueberries, Pure Maple, Double Cream & Seeds, 18AUD

My babe had hotcakes, and no doubt it was as good as Top Paddock’s version, the team behind the scenes managed to replicate this dish as close as possible. My love for berries is unconditional, unconditionally substantive. Fresh fruits on top and blueberries baked together with the hotcake itself. This dish stood out on its own, but with the sweet cold double cream, I don’t need no maple.


Benedict Style Eggs With Free Range Pork Shoulder & Aerated Hollandaise, 17AUD

Jan was utterly satisfied with his Eggs Benedict and the Pork Shoulder flavour was distinct, in a good way. The amount of hollandaise was almost philanthropic, don’t you think? well, he loves it like that.


What a beautiful day to sit outside. By the way, Jolene’s short trip to Melbourne ends today, so this is our final meal together. It has been fun. Study hard back in Brisbane babe, I am already missing you!


Jolene made the most out of her last day here by eating as much as she could, so we ordered desserts! Oh! And afterwards I dragged her to South Melbourne Market to buy a bag of chocolate pretzels from my favourite pretzel dealer. Yeah, we did.


StrawB, 5.80AUD

I ordered the doughnut, locally produced by Doughboys Doughnuts. They had two in-store on that day, the StrawB and the Earl Grey. I chose the strawberry because the waiter convinced me it tasted better. Strawberry callebaut Belgian chocolate frosting was what was on top, with strawberry flavoured sprinkles. Ah, it *sparkles*!! I mean, my eyes sparkled staring at it.


Cheesecake, 6.80AUD

For the love of cheesecake, Jol had to order it. It was creamy and good except of how minimal the crust was. Plus, the raspberry coulis was funny tasting.


Even the counter is pretty, minimalistic and modern, letting secondary elements such as the flowers and cake trays stand out.


The Kettle Black is a beautiful brunch place, a great option to bring your friends to if they are from out of town. Two thumbs up for the food and beautiful decor. Yeep yeep!

The Kettle Black
50 Albert Road, South Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria 3205
Tel: +(61) 03 9088 0721
Mon to Fri: 7am-5pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-4pm

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