Mixed Giro Platter, 16.50AUD 

So, where do I go for a late night munchover? Here! Stalactites is open 24/7. This place is a staple to most Asian people like me who always crave for a late night supper meal. The quality? Not bad I thought. I am always intrigued with the methodical aspect of that rotating rotisserie. I mean.. how brilliant? We ordered a Mixed Giro Platter of marinated spring lamb and chicken from the spit. The chicken was decent, but the lamb stood out better. It was slightly dry, but still delicious.

Pita Bread, 1.70AUD

We had some Pita Bread to wrap our grills with. Carbs are my lover and my enemy, seriously why are you so addictive. Having one is not enough.

Appetizer Platter For One, 15.50AUD

Each available dip would cost you 6AUD and paying that amount for a single dip is absolutely ridiculous. Hence, we ordered the Appetizer Platter For One which in itself includes three different dips, the tzatziki, hommus and tarama dips. My favourite dip was the hommus. The flavour wasn’t as strong as the other two and it had a more nutty taste to it. I did not enjoy the dolmakia (stuffed vine leaves) but the rest of the meats (lamb fillet skewer, smoked sausages, Greek rissole) were pretty good.

Bowl Of Chips (Large), 7AUD

The waitress tried to stop us from ordering the Large chips but no we ain’t gonna listen. So yes, a crazy handful amount of chips to share.
Mixed Giros Souvlaki, 12.50AUD

If you don’t fancy wrapping your own, get the pre-wrapped Mixed (lamb and chicken) Giros Souvlaki to settle all that hassle. And there’s already sauce and vegetables inside, just lesser meat as compared to the platter. Wrapping my own pita is more fun, but the souvlaki would have more flavour up its sleeve.


Do you know what Stalactites actually are? See those pointy structures above the ceiling? Those are extended soluble solid minerals that were elongated gradually with dripping water, and often seen in the ceilings of caves. Of course, this one was obviously manmade. I have seen so many artificial interpretations of Stalactites in various cities, but I would really love to see an actual natural occurring one, one day.

178-183 Lonsdale Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9663 3316

Mon to Sun: 24/7
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