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I have been pestering Jan to try out Mook Ji Bar for the longest time. Was hanging around the city area with him all day and then we met up with my favourite girls for dinner. Mook Ji Bar has this policy whereby each person is to order one dish. This is how they profit maximize despite the crazy crowd they have waiting in line every night. Our hot pot was considered two dishes for two persons, but of course you get to share all that was ordered among your group.


Seafood Pancake, 15AUD

I heard to order pancakes when visiting Mook Ji Bar. We chose the Seafood Pancake consisting of mostly squids, kimchi, vegetables. The pancake was of an egg and flour batter. We enjoyed our first few bites dipping our pancakes into the sweet and sour chili dip. However, it got to the point where the bottom of the pancake got soggy after a while. The highlight was combining the pancake with the sauce. Without the sauce, meh, nothing too special.


Tteokbokki, 15AUD + Cheese, 3AUD

We all agreed that we tasted the worst Tteokbokki ever here at Mook Ji Bar! I guess our ideal rice cake situation needs a whole lotta crisp. It was stated as pan fried on the menu, and we were all expecting the exteriors of the rice cake to be slightly crusty. The cheese did not at all penetrate through with the red sauce or the rice cakes because it was blocked by slices of fish cakes in the center. We were also given a hard boiled egg on the side which I thought was weird and unnecessary.


Beef & Mushroom Stew, 40AUD

My favourite dish of the night was not necessarily the most value worthy order but I would have to give it to the Beef & Mushroom Stew. Stacking inexpensive ingredients without any form of finesse required to come up with this hot pot, kinda hurts my pocket a little bit. Purchasing all that ingredients readily at any supermarket for perhaps, 10 bucks, is definitely doable. 10 bucks and I could have a fancy home cooked meal with my friends. Ouch, right? Inside the hotpot was merely affordable type beef slices, golden mushrooms, vegetables, and we had our udon changed for sweet potato noodles.


Overall we were all not very satisfied with Mook Ji Bar and we expected a whole lot more from them. This place is very much overhyped. So far, my best bets for good quality Korean restaurants (in sequence) are still Chick In, Seoul Soul, Oishi! Kitchen, Big Mama and Darac Grill & Bar.

Mook Ji Bar
406 Lonsdale Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9600 2661
Mon to Sat: 11.30am-11pm
Sun: 3pm-10pm
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