Il Melograno


We welcome a new member of the Melbourne gelato family. Il Melograno was the talk of the town for a few days when it opened. Curious by all that rave, it has since then be on my to-go list for dessert. All the more reason to go back here now that the days are warming up!


Il Melograno produce their gelato in small batches and everything is made fresh for the day.


Hazelnut, 5.80AUD + Coconut, 5.80AUD + Pistachio, 5.80AUD + Apple Cake

There were basic flavours that stood out from the rest. We had three scoops and a sponge Apple Cake to share. Their gelatis have textures that were creamy, silky, but filled with strong flavour each. The sponge Apple Cake was the lightest and fluffiest cake I have ever eaten in my life. It felt like I was munching on clouds, consuming only negligible amount of calories, so it was not sinful at all. I mean, how sinful is sinful when I’m in heaven?


I say, give Il Melograno a go if you’re at Northcote. Its been really warm these days and I just might consider going to a gelato excavation to find the best gelato parlour in Melbourne. After trying out many, my favourite so far from from the top, its still Il Dolce Freddo, followed by N2 Extreme Gelato, then, Gelato Messina.

Il Melograno
76 High Street, Northcote
Melbourne, Victoria 3070
Tel: +(61) 03 9482 2092

Mon: Closed
Tue to Sun: 10am-10.30pm

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