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Sam The Man, 14.50AUD + Beer Battered Chips (Large), 5AUD

Sometimes you just want to munch on greasy food and tonight is one of those nights. Jan went classic with beef burger patty along with bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onions and an egg. What made it special was having mustard cheddar melt combined with beetroot relish sauce. Although.. I thought the best part of Hello Sam was still their Beer Battered Chips. Beer batter is a great coating for deep frying. Beer’s carbonation when deep fried can generate more bubbles creating a lighter crisp to the chips, and it creates a stronger flavour of course, win-win.


Sam-Brero, 14AUD

The best way to eat burgers is to indulge without shame, I had all ten fingers concentrated on a single burger. I ordered the Sam-Brero right away when I saw on the menu that guacamole was one of the ingredient that is sandwiched in between two buns. It was good but not great. Maybe each ingredient should be well eaten off separately, not as a whole. Mexican take on a burger, not so great here.


Simple dinner like this ended up being so much fun, every single time.


Hello Sam also make hot dogs which looked really appealing, and I wished I would have picked on one of those instead of my Sam-Brero burger. Or if you have to ditch the carbs, Hello Sam serves lettuce buns which comes with quinoa and slaw. But then again, the only reason you’re here at a burger joint, is for burgers! Now, skip the salad.

Hello Sam
760 Chapel Street, South Yarra
Melbourne, Victoria 3141
Tel: +(61) 03 9973 9551

Mon to Fri: 7am-9pm
Sat: 9am-9pm
Sun: 10am-9pm

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