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Just had the most beautiful birthday brunch at The Stables Of Como with the close bunch. This was the third and final meal celebration for this year, I promise. Read the first two Birthday posts where I had meals on Eureka 89 and the Red Hot Wok here. I picked The Stables Of Como as it immediately took my attention with its large space (cafe, backyard garden, pond, historic house), beautiful decor and I was charmed with photos I saw online, imagining how bright white lights would seep through the windows from the morning sun. Yes, white lights are important for photos right? The Stables Of Como also does exclusive dining session in their grand ballrooms or simply by customising a private picnic session at their backyard garden by the pond. They have beautiful spaces that are perfect for the spring time. Unfortunately they do not take reservations during the weekend, but the space itself is huge so, rest assured, seats are not hard to get .


I love it when a cafe does table settings to display cakes and other sugary stuff. We couldn’t wait till the end to order dessert.



If outdoor is more of your thing, dine outside. Twenty degree weather while soaking in the morning sun can be so fulfilling. And of course, with a cup of caffeine in hand.



Larsen & Thompson Loose Leaf Tea (Earl Grey), 3.80AUD + Vanilla Milkshake, 7AUD  + Iced Coffee, 5AUD + Cappuccino, 3.80AUD + Flat White, 3.80AUD + Hot Chocolate, 4.80AUD

We started our day right with milkshake, tea and coffees. The coffee blend was strong and lovely.


Smashed Avocado, 17AUD

Felisa went for the classic mushed avocado, light and fluffy. It came with thyme, feta, onions, buttered mushrooms and basil on two grain toast. Uncomplicated, easy, but bursting with all the right flavours.


Rumbled Eggs With Pancetta, 17AUD

I loved my Rumbled Eggs and it still had that dark yolk runny texture. The Pancetta was a little bit saltier than expected but the grated truffle pecorino made up for it. Its a little unusual to have these eggs without bread but on Dr Marty’s crumpets instead. Overall, I still liked it.



Banana Hotcake, 16AUD

My eyes went straight to the Banana Hotcakes, but having too much cakes and desserts from the previous day (and the more days to come), I told myself no Eve, No! Rach went for it instead. It was to me, the tastiest dish out of the rest of the bunch. Simply because the hotcakes were not the regular buttermilk ones, its the legit banana bread type of hotcakes. Oh my dear lord, it was heavenly when I tried a bite and I regretted with deciding to ‘cut-down’ with the sugar intake theology. I thought the maple mascarpone, fresh bananas and berries with more berry compote were collectively outstanding, tasty enough to make me want to come back for this anytime soon. My, my, the pistachio praline were the amazing bits I can’t take my heart off of it.



Grilled Wagyu Rump, 21AUD

Audy and Patrick were the grizzly boys preying on the Wagyu Rump, tamed down with red pepper broad bean, smoked tomato salsa with sourdough crisps. Medium rare and consistently pinkish, absolutely yummy.


Shakshouka, 17AUD + Chorizo, 3AUD

Jan’s option was predictable. He saw someone ordered the Shakshouka and it looked ginormous. One look and that’s it, its chemistry, he was meant to have it. He loved every bite The Stables Of Como’s Shakshouka variation had to offer. And with Jan you always have to satisfy him with huge portions. The base spiced tomato was cooked with wilted greens and onions and drizzled with feta. Paired with two poached eggs and he added chorizo because, well.. men eat meats. The flatbread was also tasty and we both thought, for this special variation of shakshouka, it paired better than it would with the regular sourdough.



Ploughman’s Smoked Ham Hock, 17.50AUD

The Stables Of Como’s Ham Hock (Hog’s joint) was mashed and paired it with the sourdough, aged cheddar, cornichons (French gherkins), piccalilli (Indian pickles). Poor Desmond he did not like his order. I still haven’t have the guts to try Ham Hock, or even be willing to spend on it for myself yet. What do you guys think? Is Ham Hock good, bad, or there’s nothing too special about it?


Lyonnaise Salad, 17.50AUD

Yan had her eyes on the Lyonnaise Salad consisting of smoked duck pancetta, white anchovies, broad beans, kipfler potatoes and a poached egg on top. The duck was smokin, yum.


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