The Penny Black


Here at The Penny black to purchase their 4AUD pizzas, available only during happy hours. Happy hour for these absolutely cheap pizzas goes on all day on both Monday and Tuesdays, and from 12pm-5pm during the rest of the week.


Old school posters and newspaper articles from the 1800s-1900s glued to the walls were pretty much their decor. That’s not an easy job just pasting random posters on the walls, there is a certain theme they stick to. Restrooms were usually easily forgotten, but The Penny Black’s ladies room had posters pasted on every side of the wall featuring beautiful women from the olden days. I thought that was smart, quirky and fun.


Sausage Fest, 4AUD

We had one pizza each for ourselves. These pizzas were not hard as wood, it had just enough crisp on the crust. The Sausage Fest was a tomato based pizza with sausages, bacon slices, salami chunks, mild chili, onion rings, The Penny Black’s special BBQ sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.


Salmon Pizza, 4AUD 

Smoked salmon was surprisingly tasty when you put it on top of a pizza dough. They used mascarpone cheese so it turned out slightly sweet, but with mozzarella to balance the sweetness. I loved the spinach in there too!


Penny’s Banger, 4AUD

Penny’s Banger’s roasted chicken and bacon on napoli sauce with mozzarella and The Penny Black’s special bbq sauce was fairly similar to the Sausage Fest pizza, only better. The chicken chunks really stood out as compared to the salami slices from the Sausage Fest Pizza.


We were here in the day and came back once more at night. It is quite empty during the daytime but the place sure comes alive at night. The place was filled up even on a Tuesday night because its free movie night and there is live music to listen to! Free popcorns for everyone!


Mexiwick, 4AUD

The Penny Black’s Mexican intake involves minced chicken marinated in taco spices, topped with fresh iceberg lettuce and salsa mozzarella. This was less heaty and a fresher option to pick on.


Sweet And Spicy Jamaican Chicken Thigh Nibblets, 12AUD

To share, we had Jamaican chicken nibblets served on coconut rice. I thought it was so unique to mix chili mango cucumber, and yoghurt on top of chicken and rice. It was odd, but especially tasty.


The Penny Black is huge. They have normal seats, center sofa stage, and super spacious backyard dining area for which ever that suits. Its a legit pizza parlour for the price I paid for and it would be where I will come to whenever I am having that pizza craving from now on.

The Penny Black
420 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Melbourne, Victoria 3056
Tel: +(61) 03 9380 8667

Mon to Sat: 12pm-1am
Sun: 12pm-11pm
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