Tall Timber


Latte, 3.50AUD + Cappuccino, 3.50AUD + Skinny Flat White, 3.50AUD + Calmer Sutra Chai, 4AUD

Tall Timber is a new found favourite of mine. This uniquely decorated cafe has chairs floating against the grungy brick walls, as well as a backdoor yard where customers get to sit on a huge communal table. Me and my girls had a cup of coffee to start. All basic coffee were roasted by house blend Niccolo Coffee. My Skinny Flat White still had that aromatic nutty scent, not too strong nor bitter.


Timber Benedict W Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder, Poached Eggs & Apple Cider Hollandaise On Sourdough Toast, 18AUD

Two of my girls, Clarissa and Velda ordered the Timber Benedict. The Apple Cider Hollandaise was out of the roof and a smart match to the pork shoulder. By the virtue of the ying and the yang, the pork and applesauce are both independently tasty, but interrelatedly complementary. List of all things on the menu at Tall Timber are considerably healthy and the Timber Benedict was probably the most savoury one.


Smashed Avocado W Harissa Goats Curd, Charred Corn Salsa, Coriander & Lime On Quinoa Loaf, 15AUD

I was craving for Smashed Avocados for the day so I ordered one. I enjoyed every single bit of it. Fresh avocados and feta cheese were used, no brown spots or sour flavour takeover. If there is a list of food to mandatorily try when you come to Melbourne, Smashed Avocados would be one of them.


Cured Salmon Gravlax W Poached Eggs, Smashed Peas, Beetroot Relish, Feta & House Made Baguette Croutons, 16.50AUD

Cynthia’s Cured Salmon Gravlax, a Nordic dish interpretation brought to Melbourne was paired with some greens and poached eggs, plating a beautiful mess.
We ate all these in the yard that looks like a mini garden, an ideal place to have a picnic at spring or during the summertime.
Clarissa came back to Melbourne from Singapore to celebrate her graduation day. Congratulations to both Cynthia and Clarissa as fresh graduates! I am so proud of you girls, and is pretty much envious that the both of you are be able to ditch the books… for life!
I consider Tall Timber to be free spirited, and quite hippie, for a lack of a better word.
This passionate duke who does amazing coffee art made our morning brew. The talented chefs behind Tall Timber would change its menu periodically. Can’t wait to try out their spring menu, because I will be back.

Tall Timber
60 Commercial Road, Prahran, South Yarra
Melbourne, Victoria 3181
Tel: +(61) 03 9676 9333

Mon to Fri: 7am-4.30pm
Sat to Sun: 7.30am-4.30pm

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