Sofia’s Pizza House


Fritto Misto, 24AUD

If you intend to go for quantity at a bargain instead of pure quality grubs, then Sofia’s Pizza House is the place to be. But I doubt you would forgo the satisfaction of eating good food to eat mere junk. Certainly its not worth the calories. My friends and I got dragged into Sofia’s Pizza House because, we were tempted with pictures online, thinking that the food looked good anyway despite the low ratings Sofia’s Pizza House received.

Us six decided to share a seafood platter that had excessive amount of seafood calamari, fried fish fingers, shrimps and very little scallops. Nothing on the plate was particularly good, the calamari was especially rubbery.


Risotto (Chicken & Mushroom), S:13AUD/L:15.50AUD

The Risotto was the most decent pick we made. It wasn’t the actual risotto-esque texture, more like rice drenched in soup consistency. It tasted pretty good, but they destroyed my perception of the perfect Risotto. This was humongous and could probably feed four. Oh, and yes, we did order the smaller portion. Imagine the large?


Meatlover Pizza, S:9.90AUD/L16.90AUD

The shredded minced beef used was overcooked. The meat was so thick that the cheese couldn’t swim with it, just like water and oil, they are immiscible.


Gelati, 7.50AUD

This whole thing costed us 7.50AUD, I am not kidding. It was a mix of milky ice creams and sorbets. I am a huge fan of ice cream and surprise surprise, the only flavour that I liked here was the dark chocolate. All the other flavours were pretentious Gelatis, probably the standard you’ll get if I were to be the one making it. Its just that bad.


The six of us had a fair share of food and paid only ten bucks each for all that we ordered. Still in disbelief but I guess ten bucks for that quality with that amount of quantity… wasn’t all that bad, we got what we paid for. Sofia’s Pizza House is huge. They attend to events as well, still a good place to organize a party if you’re on a budget. But me, I would stay away.

Sofia’s Pizza House
857 Burke Road, Camberwell
Melbourne, Victoria 3124
Tel: +(61) 03 9882 1142

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