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So my birthday celebration continued with dinner at Red Hot Wok. Red Hot Wok is a simple, cozy restaurant serving unpretentious good old traditional style Chinese food. Jan actually remembered my cravings for a good chili crab, and so he made reservations here. It was a two minute walk from his apartment and I wondered why haven’t we tried this place after moving in here for more than a year now.


Sambal Belacan Kang Kong

Its not at any grocery store that I can find Kang Kong. Kang Kong with belacan, that especially, is my favourite way of how the Kang Kong should be cooked. It was delicious. However, if it could be improved, add a little bit of sambal terasi and overcook it a little bit more, because personally, I love the flimsy stalks better.


Salted Egg Chicken Ribs

These Chicken pieces fried with salted egg and crumbs were so.. so good! I ended up eating the crumbs wrapped in greens. This dish was a recommended order by the waitress who served us. Amazing.



Salted Fish & Pork Belly Hotpot

This hotpot was my least favourite out of the rest. I love pork meats, but not the fat bits. That’s too much flab in one bite.


Singapore Chili Crab + Fried Mantou

Each crab weighs about two pounds and the market rate was 43.80AUD per pound when we were here. The Chili Crab was good but its not even the least bit spicy. We had the Fried Mantous, which I wasn’t too pleased with due to how un-crispy and center-densed it was. This dish had the potential, but far from par as opposed to the real Singaporean standards.


And when it comes to Chinese desserts, its always fruits, the same old fruits. That being said, I haven’t had orange in a long while. And I kinda miss having fruits after dinner, man, when was the last time?


Dinner with the closed ones, nothing too fancy that requires a tux, lux dresses or stilettos. Just a simple dinner with oversized top and comfy leggings to chow down all that good food. Chinese food and intimate round table was the cosiest and I feel so at home. Red Hot Wok is the perfect example of the type of restaurants that I would always go to when dining out with my family or relatives. 80% of the time back in my home country you’ll see me dining at a Chinese restaurant. It was nice tonight dining with this bunch. It feels like family.

Scroll down to see how it went after this!

Red Hot Wok
313 Toorak Road, South Yarra
Melbourne, Victoria 3141
Tel: +(61) 03 9826 8163
Tue: Closed
Wed to Sun: 11am-10pm
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So here’s a sneak peek to how it went after dinner. I was so occupied with my friends being around that I forgot that there’s even going to be a cake to follow up.

Thank you guys for the simple set up and just simply by being present here on this day. I never expected a mini party of my own. I feel like the luckiest, in the most literal way. I love you all! 🙂
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