Rare Steakhouse


Eye Fillet (200grams) With Baked Potato, 36AUD + Mushroom Sauce, 4.50AUD

Rare Steakhouse
is a white-tablecloth restaurant serving 15 various different cuts of quality grain fed beef. We made reservations at about 7.30pm and by the time we arrived, I was ascertained it would be difficult to get seats for those who didn’t book a table. Steak goes a long way with wine and we all had a glass of the red Sommerville Cabernet Sauvignon to pair our grilled pastured beef. A pity I only drank a sip because you know me and alcohol don’t symphonize. Jan had the Eye Fillet, a thicker cut than the others. He’s quite adventurous to ask for medium rare considering that it’d be best to ask for a medium or medium well since its hard for Eye Fillet to cook through. Indeed it was a little too rare for his liking, the mushroom sauce was his saving grace to pull through with the whole meat down his throat. The baked potato was amongst the softest we have ever tasted, it was truly amazing!



Before our steak was served, we had a board of complementary Ciabatta bread with soft and almost-melted butter. Bread is my favourite carbs option and don’t mind me, I have to eat bread almost everyday. With this one, I could go on and on and not get sick with it.


Scotch Fillet (300grams) With Baked Potato, 38.50AUD + Café De Paris Flavoured Butter, 1.50AUD

Of course Prime Rib Eye would be the most ideal but that’s too far from par and overly costly. My favourite usual cut is the Ribeye (or you could call it scotch fillet if you live in Australia or New Zealand). I always get my steak in medium, this one was cooked on point and it cannot be faulted. My Scotch Fillet was a black Angus Beef with the fat content dispersed evenly within the center. It was tender and perfectly juicy, one of the best steaks I have eaten in awhile. I didn’t ask for any sauce because I have always felt that sauces would overpower the real taste of the steaks itself, so I am perpetually inclined to always avoid it. Well of course unless, its a cheap T-bone, then yes, bring me some sauce! However, butter is always a complementary ingredient that to me, enhances the flavour, not hide it. The Café De Paris that I picked was exceptional.


Rump (350Grams) With Chips, 36AUD + Black Pepper Sauce, 4.50AUD + Garlic Butter, 1.50AUD

Rach on the other hand, chose the Rump cut extracted from the Rump cap. It was tasteful and cooked superbly as well. She picked the best side, chips! You know those crispy chips with its insides potatoey in texture? Those chips aren’t my favourite. But this one, oh my god within those crunchy exterior were softly mashed potatoes, unbelievable. Plus, the black pepper sauce were stellar, the perfect dipping sauce for them chips.


Rare Steakhouse
on King Street is huge with tall facade and high ceilings to display. The first floor has a more casual vibe, perfect for Friday night dining with a couple of friends or colleagues. The second floor is more sedate and private, it suits for a larger group of people to bond together whilst eliminating noise and all clutter. There is one other Rare Steakhouse branch on Little Collins Street, tucked at the other end of the city center. Previously we wanted to book reservations at the other but it was fully booked for the night so we ended up here. Not that I’m complaining… I admit, I love being spoiled to a good meal, Rare Steakhouse is without question, the real deal.

Rare Steakhouse
42-44 King Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9620 9888
Mon to Fri: 12pm-3pm
Sat: 5.30pm-10pm
Sun: Closed

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