Nine Taiwaneses Dessert House

Snow Ice No.3 Red Bean Matcha

Having desserts at Nine Taiwanese Dessert House after dinner at an Indo food restaurant, Garamerica (which I blogged about before). Everything but the Matcha snow ice itself was decent. Our favourite part was the Jasmine Jelly, which reminded us of a good old sweetened Indonesian Teh Botol. The matcha flavour was rather faint and powdery, not as good as we expected it to be. The green tea syrup was goes well with the green tea shaved ice, which we were given very little of, and we desperately have to request for more.

We also ordered the large Double Taro Sago Milk Tea for 5.50AUD and a large Japanese Matcha Pearl Milk Tea at 5.20AUD. Both weren’t sweet, and both flavours were bland, more watery than thick. The worst part was that it was not cold at all with the lack amount of ice inside. You could tell because there wasn’t any liquid condensing that was surrounding my cup.  Meh, didn’t like it.
Nine Taiwaneses Dessert House
268 Swanston Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9663 3305

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