Hey guys, so I finally found a new favourite teppanyaki and grill Japanese restaurant, Maedaya! ‘Irasshaimase いらっしゃいませ!’ We were greeted with a vibe full of energy when we first entered. I love how all the chefs and waitresses are pure Japanese, and it made us feel as though we were momentarily transported into Japan. Japanese people are considered the tech savvy dudes aren’t they? We ordered our meals through an ipad and orders were sent through the kitchen almost immediately. Food was then served once it was ready. Talk about efficiency right?


Salmon Sashimi, 13.80AUD

Warn you, we ordered quite a bit for two. The Salmon Sashimi was of good quality, had a smooth cut, and it was as fresh as it could possibly be. 


Veggie Chips, 6.50AUD

A mix of burdock root chips, carrot chips and renkon lotus root chips paired with a saucer full of avocado puree. Its not as good if you eat it on its own, but when paired with the avocado cream, my god.. we couldn’t stop eating them. Our favourite was the renkon.


Yakibuta Kimchi, 5.50AUD

The Yakibuta Kimchi was a real treat. Both the Yakibuta and the Kimchi used different sauces individually but together, they form great harmony, well balancing the sweet and the sour. This was surely one of my favourite dishes of the night.


Gyu Kushi Beef, 3.80AUD

Disappointed with the Gyu Kushi Beef because it was overcooked and the meat was too hard.


Takoyaki, 5.50AUD

Jan and I also shared a plate of Takoyaki, which was smooth and moist within, with a crunchy exterior on the outside. How perfect was it to eat it with takoyaki sauce and some kewpie mayo? Very.


Maedaya Tsukune Set, 11AUD

We can’t help but to order the Tsukune Set which came in skewers of fifteen chicken balls, five different toppings per skewer. The most left skewer was my least favourite because it was drenched in wasabi sauce. Wasabi… no, no! The second skewer was our favourite, the cheesy sauce! The next three, the red pepper, black pepper and garlic were very delicious as well.


Maedaya Veggie & Cheese Croquette, 6AUD

Jan and I have an obsession with potato croquettes. And with melted cheese, that’s even better. Six dollars was worth every penny.


Here’s Jan telling me to take only a shot because he couldn’t wait to eat already. Its funny how the more that we’re together, our food palate essentially becomes pretty much the same. We like and dislike the same things, well, mostly.


Melon Mochi With Ice Cream, 6AUD

We ended off with a bowl of Melon Mochi With Ice Cream for dessert. We were so glad with our dessert pick because the melon mochi was more than amazing. The ice cream and mochi were a great pairing. Loved it, every bite of it!


We didn’t bother looking at the sake menu because we aren’t sake drinkers, but I heard the sakes here are quite the rave. There are tons of sake options to choose from. Instead, we had multiple refills of green tea that was free of charge. I know, I am a tea addict and without fail, I drink tea every single day. Our dinner at Maedaya was very satisfying, and it made me miss Japan really badly. I can’t wait to revisit the country full of great history, people, food and culture. Hopefully, sometime soon.

398 & 400 Bridge Road, Richmond
Melbourne, Victoria 3121

Tel: +(61) 03 9428 3918

Mon to Thu: 5.30pm-9.30pm
Fri to Sat: 5.30pm-10pm
Sun: 5.30pm-9.30pm

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  1. Ian K says:

    Place looks cool! Might give it a go one of these days.
    PS: I'm guessing you're either Malaysian or Singaporean..right? Haha 😛

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