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It was an impromptu decision to drive down along the Great Ocean Road and had a one night staycation at The Grampians. The best adventures are ones that were unplanned, or, planned last minute, considering that we planned our trip only the night before. So here we are at Halls Gap (Grampians), fueling ourselves before a five hour trek at the mountains. We finished a long walk all the way up to The Pinnacles and ended the day with a short stroll to The Balconies. More pictures on that next time!

From our outdoor seat at Livefast Lifestyle Cafe, we could spot wild kangaroos resting on grasses and hopping on concrete roads from afar. Don’t agitate them or you’ll most probably receive several punches from these quick-witted roos.


Café Mocha, 4AUD

As usual, Marc needs his daily dose of Mocha. This one at Livefast Lifestyle Cafe was very beautifully decorated that it hurts if I see him stir. I like my latte art stay intact when I drink my coffee, do you do this too?


Apple And Rhubarb Crumble Granola, 12AUD

Australian styled classic breakfast order with my Apple And Rhubarb Crumble Granola. It was a hearty, refreshing and filling bowl of warm maple baked apples, rhubarb, granola mix, dried fruits served with coconut milk. Mueslis and granolas are my kind of long-hours hunger suppressant meal that I stick with all the time.


Smashed Avocado And Goat’s Cheese, 15AUD

Marc picked out two poached eggs with reduction sauce on a toasted sourdough. Wilted spinach and smashed avocados for some greens.


Homemade Pancake Stack, 12AUD

Audy had heavy breakfast earlier in the day but proceeded to order pancakes anyway. A stack of three with grilled bananas on top drizzled in the most amazing coconut caramel syrup, and more roasted coconut toppings of course!


Eggs Benedict, 16.50AUD

Jan and I share a common liking to our Eggs Benedict variation. Not bacon, mushrooms, bagels or sourdough, we feel that Eggs Ben is always, by always we meant invariably, done best with ham and English muffins! Hence Livefast Lifestyle Cafe’s Eggs Ben was perfect for him, for me, for us!


Fun brunch with these boys


Easier said than done, but please ignore that camel hat if you can


Then I broke my healthy morning meal with a sharing cup of ice cream scoops right after our meal. But that’s alright, we’re burning that off right away!

Livefast Lifestyle Cafe
Shop 5 Stoney Creek Stores, Halls Gap
Grampians, Melbourne, Victoria 3381
Tel: +(61) 03 5356 4400

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