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Jan and I celebrated a very special day today at Vue Grand. It was our 8th year anniversary! Oh how time flies. I can’t believe I get to see him grow up from a boy to a man. If you haven’t already know, we first know each other through several mutual friends from when I was 10. From the age of 13 and onwards, we became inseparable. I feel so fortunate that he came into my life for a good reason. All that cheesy talk aside, we had another meaningful anniversary date this year.


We took just slightly less than a two hour drive from Melbourne city to Queenscliff to have a getaway of our own for a night. Vue Grand Hotel houses a fine dining restaurant (this restaurant) targeting couples for their anniversaries, birthday events, high tea sessions and even wedding ceremonies. By the way, take a stay at one of their suites, we chose the Bay View Suite. Its modern and lovely!


The decor was a reminiscence of an old English Victorian setting. This building is very old, but well preserved. It has a slight modern take with the tables and chairs, but the interior facade was built with a classic touch. We were taken aback, and figuratively transported to the 1800s.


We started out with warm crusty ciabatta, one plain, one infused with garlic. Every table was given a scoop of burnt butter to spread. We loved it, okay I think Jan loved it more than I do because it gets too salty in the tongue after a while. So what do we do? Get more complimentary bread! More carbs.. I am the lady and I am not even sorry.


Aside from the three course meals (and breads), this particular starter was complimentary, how thoughtful. It had beetroot underneath paired with creamy sweetened cheese and crispy salted seaweed. Still unsure but I think it is seaweed.


Jan also ordered a glass of Shiraz to pair his red meat with.


Greenvale Pork Loin And Pancetta With Fig And Almond

The first entree was a Pork Loin dish and it was top notch. The pork still had that juicy pink center and the overall sub ingredients had different textures which matches. I also love how the fig cutouts had a mild sourish taste so the meats tasted more fresh.


Poached Crayfish With Fresh Pasta, Lemon, Bacon, Radish And Chive

The best part of the dish was a no brainer. It was unarguably the hidden soft crayfish which was tucked under that pasta blanket. It was tasteful and you can’t deny that it should be considered as a decadent piece of artwork.


Confit Duck Leg With Baby Beetroots, Cabbage, Mustard And Duck “Ham”

The next dish looks even more appealing. Is this food for the Sailor Moon girls or is this dish for me? Sorry girls, tonight is my night! I feel so special to have such an artistic plate, yet again I secretly dread deconstructing what’s beautiful because I had to. It wasn’t a whole duck leg stuck to the bone, one I had expected. It was pulled out, laid above barley rice and beautified with sliced baby beetroots on top. Beetroot puree was used to decorate, and tiny dots of mustard to render each bite with.


I gotta be honest, beetroot is not something I fancy. I thought the baby beets would be separable and not take much content out of the whole dish, but boy I was wrong. Most of the beets slices ended up getting on Jan’s plate.


Hopkins River Eye Fillet With Shitakes, Braised Brisket, Potato Mustard Puree And Horseradish Cream 

I thought Jan’s dish was more savoury and it tasted way better than mine. We could do slightly more rare than that. I love the cream which balances out the saltiness of the braised briskets.


My happy man!


Burnt Butter Cake With Pistachio Mousse, Caramel And Roasted Pear Sorbet

I made Jan order the Burnt butter cake, its so sweet how he always let me pick the desserts. Thankfully, we did made the right choice! When I saw pistachio mousse, I knew we had to get it. The plating was beautiful too. Other than the candied crisp which was too sweet and which sticked to our teeth, everything else was spot on and I love how we get to try different cream, sorbet, and mousse all in one plate.


Coffee Parfait With Brioche, Chocolate And Hazelnut 

Another dessert that I eyed on was the Coffee Parfait with dark chocolate blocks and tiny roasted brioche cubes. The coffee flavour was quite distinct, which was a plus point of course. I told Jan someone must have spat at my dish before serving it to us (focus on that bubble foam). That was a BAD joke, but he laughed anyway.


English Breakfast Tea

We spent another half an hour drinking tea and chit chatting our night away. It was good catching up one on one and spending close to three hours at Vue Grand restaurant. Rather than usual where we eat casually at a restaurant, finish our meal and then leave right away. There was nothing on the agenda tonight, no errands to do or problems worry about. Just him, me and endless conversations.


That’s where a waiter would cut out the breads


We had a three course meal costing us 79AUD each. Dining at Vue Grand was definitely worth the buy for such an ambiance and impeccable service. I hope this post helps if you are looking for an anniversary getaway from the city. Cheers!

Vue Grand
46 Hesse Street, Queenscliff
Melbourne, Victoria 3225
Tel: +(61) 03 5258 1544

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