Sweetwater Inn


The interior at Sweetwater Inn was absolutely charming taking scraps of used materials and formulating it into an architectural pieces. In all manner of crafts, discarded metal fragments were be moulded into a clock, and Scandinavian inspired beer barrels could look so chic. The dim lights also bears some semblance to romanticism, we were snugged tight!


Salt, pepper, tabasco in a whiskey bottle. Talk about helping with the sustainability of mother nature, ecosystem, biosphere and what not.


Smoked Pulled Lamb, S:15AUD/D:20AUD

We all ordered from the BBQ section which entitled us to choose two sides. I ordered the double Smoked Pulled Lamb burger with mashed potato and a chunk of bitter coleslaw. The buns were soft with chalky flour dusted on top of it. The Smoked Pulled Lamb was part of a Lamb shoulder that was smoked over lemon myrtle, which explains its tenderness. One burger sure wasn’t enough!

Other side options include Beer Battered Steak Fries, Potato Salad, and Garden Salad. Weird we just all happened to order the same sides. I was hoping someone would order the Beer Battered Chips so I could still a piece or two.


BBQ Pork Chop, 17AUD

Jan was craving for a good Grilled Pork Chop and he got one with glazed whisky caramelised onions. There’s another topping option which sounds a little odd that he dare not try, the Banana Ketchup.


1/2 Smoked BBQ Chicken, 17AUD

Pick from a thigh or breast, the chicken part would be smoked and basted over lemon myrtle, garlic, and some thyme. Thyme forbids me to ever be sick of chicken.



My friend first chose the Fisherman’s Basket. It took me 30-45mins before I checked on our not-yet-served order. At this time the waitress told us that the deep fryer was broken. Seriously guys, why not have the decency to let us know from the start so we could at least pick another from the menu. That got us waiting for another half an hour or so. I thought the service was horrible, and they didn’t even try to make us feel better by perhaps compensating us with an appetizer or deeply apologise for that matter. We could have walked out the door but it was late and finding a parking lot to another restaurant at Chapel Street on a weekend night was not easy. Finally our food came and we ate, the service experience didn’t make it as enjoyable for us as it should have. We really liked Sweetwater Inn, but a pity, with such unfortunate occurrence, I foresee myself to not ever be back here again.

Sweetwater Inn
1/60 Bray Street, South Yarra
Melbourne, Victoria 3141
Tel: +(61) 487 916 082
Mon: Closed
Tue to Fri: 4pm-11pm
Sat to Sun: 12pm-11pm

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