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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Shizuku Ramen


I’m finally back in Melbourne and I have tons of restaurant lists waiting up to be posted to share with you guys. Today I am gonna share my experience with you at Shizuku Ramen. If you have paid attention to other Melbourne Japanese ramen specialty stores that I have blogged about so far, you guys should know that I have not found any legit ramen places around. I did not expect much at all when I agreed to attend Shizuku Ramen‘s invitation to dine with them, but boy I was wrong. Its as though they listened to my previous rants on my previous posts for a good quality ramen, researched and brought authenticism to Melbourne.


We came at six on the dot and there was no one around, except us. No crowd? Hmmm, we were still second guessing our reason to be here. Again, I was wrong. This place was almost full by the time it was seven at night. Yes, I just remembered that 6.30pm-7pm is when peak hour actually starts. Perks of being early? We got a good shot of the restaurant decor with no one in the background to interrupt my snapshots.


Every table receives a bowl of popcorn seasoned with powdered soy sauce. This was addictive.


They have quirky beer and wine options if you’d like as well


Gyoza Cali, $10

The Gyoza Cali was my favourite appetizer to start. As much as I love gyoza, this was a new rendition to my palate. Jan and I were grinning from ear to ear the moment we took our first bite. The Gyoza Cali had a punch of sriracha and sufficient pour of kewpie mayo along with parsley drizzles. There are other variations of gyoza which I would definitely be back to try the next time round. One of them called the ‘Gyoza Kenji’ which would be paired with cha shu sweet BBQ sauce and Japanese nanami togarashi chili pepper. The other funky but simple one called ‘Gyoza Spicy’ is accompanied with miso chilli jam and leek also seems like a good starter to begin with.


Lobster Slider, 6AUD

We shared a tiny slider and wished we have one each. Any protein with kewpie mayo will always sound delicious in my mind. The lobster chunks were mixed with kewpie, pickled carrot and daikon. It was hearty and light because it is a cold appetiser.


Shrimp Crab Claw Panko, 8AUD

The Shrimp Crab Claw Panko appetiser dish did not impress us as much. It was good, but could be forgettable. Its the dish of the night where we did not have to try but would still be satisfied from all the others that we tried combined.


Ramen Burger, 15AUD

I have never tried a Ramen Burger so initially we were really excited to try one. The ramen noodles act as the patty buns. It was firm and slightly fried. We thought it could be done better because the ramen texture failed to have the perfect crunch, it was a tad bit chewy. On the upside, we fell absolutely in love with the candied pork belly. It was sweet, sour and a little salty all at once. The salad was the perfect neutralising agent from the strong sauce flavour. You will also receive a side bowl of miso soup if you order the Ramen Burger.


Hokkaido Miso Ramen, 19AUD

I have said this once and am reconfirming it right now, as of this date, the Hokkaido Miso Ramen at Shizuku Ramen was the best ramen I have tasted throughout Melbourne. The cha shu has a slightly gamey pork flavour which blew our minds. If it was of a thicker cut, oh it would be so much more perfect than it already is.

The best part was undoubtedly the soup broth. It was so amazing we slurped the whole bowl till it was empty! David the waiter told us that the Miso paste and other elements were imported straight from Hokkaido, which explains how authentic it was. Truth be told, many might not agree with me and they would prefer ones at other ramen houses. The original Hokkaido Ramen from Japan has a stronger broth texture which could be more saltier than usual. Many nationalities have adopted the taste of the broth but modified it to suit their specific culture. Shizuku aims to bring authenticity as much as they could so true ramen lovers could experience a real taste of Japan. Frankly speaking, this is the kind of ramen that Jan and I have been searching for and we finally found it. Oh I could slurp my ramen in tears of joy. As usual we shared both ramen, the next time I come here though I would have a bowl of my own!


Espresso Pudding, 6.90AUD

Desserts are always the perfect ending of a great meal. All desserts at Shizuku Ramen aren’t too heavy, but light enough to wash all that ramen goodness down. We shared a glass of the Espresso pudding. Jan who doesn’t particularly like coffee was able to tolerate it, in fact he kind of enjoyed it even though the taste of the coffee was leaning to the stronger side. As for me, I love its moussy texture. The whipped cream was also great because it brings sweetness to the bitterness of the curd.


I couldn’t be more satisfied with my ramen. Thank you Shizuku Ramen for a delicious night, I will definitely be back to try their other signature ramen, the Tan Tan Men!

Shizuku Ramen
309 Victoria Street Abbotsford, Richmond
Melbourne, Victoria 3067
Tel: +(61) 03 9995 8180
Mon to Sun (Lunch): 11.30am-2.30pm
               (Dinner): 5.30pm-10pm

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