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We hardly visit food places around Brunswick West area but we finally did today. Jan’s friend, Marcus, just alighted the country. We made our way to fetch him in the morning from the airport and then we dropped by Lolo And Wren for a brunch session before ticking the next agenda (*giggles* because we are going  shopping!).


Mocha, 3.80AUD

Beautifully made mocha with a tiny chocolate ball on the side.


Banoffee Porridge, 12.50AUD

I ordered Banoffee Porridge which had a gooey caramelised texture with a slight banana taste and aroma. It wasn’t all that guilty that most of all that sweetness came from the stewed dates and dulce de leche. My favourite part? Always the crumbs!


Caramelized Pear, Almond And Walnut Pancakes, 16.50AUD

Marcus went for the pancakes, an item I hardly expect a guy would order. Chunks of vanilla mauri mascarpone was centered in the middle of each pancake with rhubarb and raspberry compote to sweeten. He ditched the mint leaves and poured gobs and gobs of the Canadian maple syrup. It didn’t felt like pancakes, more of an enhanced danish pastry, délicioux!


Chorizo Cazuela, 17AUD

Jan ordered a Spanish inspired dish, the Chorizo Cazuela. It was a tomato based ragu with chickpea beans, some red wine and aged manchego cheese crumble. The bed of pale cheese-y hay was delicate as it melts in your mouth like butter. Jan also added two poached eggs for 3AUD.


We will be bringing Marcus to more places to eat, some at our favourite places to eat, and more new places to explore. And yes, everyday we have been consuming a little too much. Stay tuned on that.

Lolo And Wren

484 Albion Street, Brunswick West
Melbourne, Victoria 3055
Tel: +(61) 03 9383 3712
Mon to Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-4pm

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