This cafe couldn’t get any more rustic than it already is. The word rust, and even if the wooden shacks literally rust, it would still be treated as an art form, still full of charm. The most quirky side of this cafe was the wooden box placed in the center which was suppose to resonate with an old wooden elevator. Its like a gigantic treasure chest. There were tables and chairs inside, and we were thrilled to sit in it like hyperactive kids. I came by several times to Krimper for coffee before, but this was the only time where I get to try their brunch menu.


Skinny Flat White, 3.80AUD + Mocha, 4.50AUD

Proudly supplied by Proud Mary coffee house blend, Marcus and I ordered their coffees to start. Winter has been so cold lately and this was a legitimate excuse for me to drink a warm cuppa every single day. Sorry I am not sorry.


Crumbed Eggs, 17AUD

I ordered the Crumbed Eggs which was too salty to eat. This is by far one of the worst dishes I have ever eaten in a brunch place because it was simply too salty. I suspect they might have accidentally put on too much salt on my plate because I don’t believe they would dare serve this out on purpose. I forced through those over-toasted bread, crazy salty Jerusalem artichokes, and bland watercress salad. The only good thing I get out of this bowl was the crumbed egg, boiled outside with yolk still in its runny form.  Thinking back I didn’t know why I didn’t make a complain, I should’ve asked for another.


Big Brekkie, 22AUD

Krimper’s version of the Big Brekkie includes pork belly, poached eggs, mushrooms, confit cherry tomatoes, potato hash, chipolatas, olive toast and baked beans on a separate pot. The boys enjoyed this one!


Caramelised Pulled Pork, 16AUD

Great pulled pork and bread, but the apple celeriac slaw was too sour for everyone of us. Have the chefs here lost their taste buds?!


Sadly, with a sigh, only one out of the three dishes was tasteful.


On the brighter side, here’s Jan and I in the olden wooden ‘elevator’.


Krimper still is my one of the places that I’ll go to with a friend or two when I have breaks in between classes. I guess I’ll continue to stick with just coffee here, or maybe try out their other brunch menu when I am ballsy enough.


Marcus posing for me at the tiny alleyway you have to go through before you spot Krimper. If it weren’t for Google maps, we would not have made it here. Thank god for fast paced technology!


Krimper is situated in a hidden lane along Guilford. Spot this graffiti, a woman in pink mask and push through the doors to enter a world of all things hippie. I felt like one protagonist visiting Bilbo Baggins kitchen, the humongous version. I guess the most fun part of our trip to Krimper was discovering a grunge, comfortable and spacious find.

20-24 Guildford Lane, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 043 8844
Mon to Fri: 7am-5pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-4pm

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