Koreana BBQ

Kimchi Hotpot, 13.90AUD

Finally, we arrived at Launceston! Can’t believe we are leaving Tasmania in two days! After having too much pizza, pasta and seafood everyday, all we wanted was something different, something Asian. We walked into Koreana BBQ because it was within walking proximity from our hotel. 

We ordered two set meals and shared them both. The Kimchi Hotpot was hot and spicy. On a cold day, this was what we needed. Inside there’s tofu and pork pieces. Sadly, the pork was very minimal.


Cheese Fire Chicken, 16.50AUD

Cheese Fire Chicken was marinated in their spicy sauce with cheese on top. Australian chilis are usually not spicy, so when the menu warned us that Cheese Fire Chicken would be extremely spicy, we didn’t expect that they would take its name literally. Even for us Indonesians who could withstand all kinds of spice, we were splitting fireballs as we eat. We used up a whole tissue packet and chugged three jugs/litres of water throughout. The taste was kind of nice, but the level of spice destroys how tasteful the dish actually was. We were determined to finish it anyway because we were starving. Several tables ordered the same dish and let’s just say, we weren’t the only ones tearing up that night.

Koreana BBQ
84 Elizabeth Street
Launceston, Tasmania 7250
Tel: +(61) 03 6331 7563
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