Pancakes, 15AUD

One of the most beautiful holy mother of pancakes I have ever encountered upon in my life was at Fandango. The stacks were higher than what you would normally see elsewhere. The best part was the mix of toasted rhubarb, strawberries and honeyed cream cheese. The sweetness level was mild so you would not feel so cloyed up even after multiple bites. The portion of bacon on the side was also generous and they were not too overdone. I shared half of both the Pancakes and French Toast with my friend, Bianca. We thought that sharing was the perfect idea so we would get to savour each dish without feeling too much.


Curried Eggs, 17.50AUD

Jan went savoury (as always) and ordered the Curried Eggs. Instead of the usual baked or poached in a pot, its two delicate sunny side ups this time. Underneath that egg were Indian spiced chickpeas, minted yoghurt cheese, brinjal vegetable pickles, and roti at the base. He also added bacon for 3.80AUD. I sort of think he is in the hunt for all types of baked eggs, and this Curried Eggs is similar to one. The good news is, he loved this one as well.


Beetroot Eggs, 16AUD

We all tried a little bit of the Beetroot Eggs. First initial thought of how this dish would turn out to taste? Meh, not too keen. After trying out a bite of it, both Jan and I agreed that this was the best dish of the day. I do not usually like beets but this one was an exception! The beetroot tasted delish this time because its soured and slightly sweetened with feta relish. Topped with boiled spinach and raw watercress on a thick sourdough with a poached egg on the side. All that combined was very delectable.


French Toast, 17.50AUD

The French Toast wasn’t as good as the Pancakes. There were in total six halves of toasts with sour apples combined. The bread was not toasty, albeit too overdone that the fluff was gone. I guess the best part of the whole plate was the bacon.


Today’s agenda was to have a quick catch up with Bianca and her friend who came over all the way from Sydney. Wave them hello!



The portions at Fandango are huge and prices considered cheap for the amount given.


The place was crowded inside. To have a meal at their outdoor garden, you have to take a two to three minutes detour all the way around the block. Then we figured it was too cold to sit here so we took the detour back and settled inside. Fandango is located beside another pretty and rustic cafe called, Auction Rooms. Fandango is relatively hard to spot because its signage did not pop up from across the street. Passer bys may not even realise their existence if they don’t pay careful enough attention. Thankfully the internet is a strong enough influence to have made us come here at the first place. Overall, it was still a satisfying brunch we had. I recommend both the Beetroot Eggs and Pancakes if you decide to dine in here.

97 Errol Street, North Melbourne

Melbourne, Victoria 3051
Tel: +(61) 03 9329 0693
Mon: Closed 
Tue to Sat: 7.30am-3pm
Sun: Closed
PH: Closed
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