Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm


Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm
was one of the very few restaurants I had an affinity with even before I entered the place, or let alone try any of their dishes. For some unexplainable reason, we knew we were going to love the food here and damn right we did. This restaurant serves breakfast and lunch items. All I knew before coming in was how intrigued I was because all the breakfast and dessert items have raspberries infused to every single one of it. Here is a picture of me holding on a large raspberry sorbet cone that I devoured without guilt.


We sat by the window and the waitress was sweet enough to drag out a standing heater all to ourselves. Score!


Hot Chocolate Raspberry, 5AUD

It was freezing cold in the morning and we tried out a cup of their specialty chocolate called the Hot Chocolate Raspberry. It was one of the best hot chocolates I have ever tasted in my life!  I could distinctly taste the mild infusion of raspberry within the drink. My guess was that they blend both chocolate and raspberry to create a syrup base before adding steamed and frothed milk on it. It was dark, bitter, but sufficiently sweet having hints of raspberry flavour from every sip I took. Viola! We have not even tasted their mains yet and we’re sold.


Decadent Raspberry French Toast, 15.80AUD

Apart from being picture perfect, the French Toast was divine. The centered filling had melted chocolate and raspberry jam. It was the best feeling ever when you eat it warm. With every bite, I also took spreads of the Meander Valley double cream (Tasmania produced thick dairy cream) given on the side for extra sweetness. The hot jam and cold cream combination was a repeated cycle of nirvana.


Morning Craving, 17.50AUD

The Morning Craving pancakes on the other hand was also spectacular. If you want something sweet but is not willing to give up your savoury taste buds, this dish should do the trick. With grilled banana and bacon topping, this pancake lady would send all the boys to the yard. Oh! And apparently there is also mixtures of Mersey Valley Cheese (Tasmania produced vintage cheddars, also one of the best in Australia) hidden underneath all that topping.


My ideology: French Toast > Waffles > Crepes > Pancakes


Jan’s ideology: Waffles > Pancakes > Crepes > French Toast


Baked Raspberry Cheesecake, 10.50AUD

Seriously we wanted to order everything on that menu. We ended off with Baked Raspberry Cheesecake served with raspberries and double cream. It wasn’t the best cheesecakes of all time but we still loved it.



A pleasant time spent at Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm. I also ended up buying a jar of raspberry jam and a raspberry lip balm from the retail counter. Too bad it is winter so we did not have a chance to register for raspberry picking, or else we would. I’m dreaming of that moment already, can’t wait to scout for a berry picking destination in Melbourne, but the hardest part is to wait till the season permits.

 By the way this is going to be my final post on my Tasmanian food adventure. Its my final day in Tasmania we end it on a good note at Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm. Now, I’m ready to get back to blogging about Melbourne and honestly I have tons of new posts already lining up as drafts on the blog. I hope you guys are enjoying the reading as much as I enjoy sharing these experiences. Stay tuned for more food posts!

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm
9 Christmas Hills Road, Elizabeth Town
Tasmania 7304
Tel: +(61) 03 6362 2186
Mon to Sun: 7am-5pm

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