Didn’t quite enjoy Chinese food at Buntalk. I think its safer to stick with Australian cropped up dishes at Launceston. Even though the ratings here were pretty high, what we ordered and experienced was a complete let down.

Pan-Fried Dumplings 锅贴, 8Pcs:8.50AUD/12Pcs:12AUD

The only pleasant item we ordered was the Pan-Fried Dumplings. We opt for a fried version, but there is also steamed dumplings on the menu. We picked 4 ‘Vegetable with Tofu and Vermicelli’ dumplings and 4 ‘Chicken with Sweet Corn and Vegetable’ dumplings. There is also ‘Pork with Chinese Cabbage’ and ‘Lamb with Ginger Shallot’ options. The dumplings were perfectly firm enough while maintaining its centered filling moist and cooked.

Special Fried Rice 招牌炒饭, 12AUD
It was a nothing-special fried rice. The chicken breast weren’t seasoned at all while the rice was too soft. By too soft, I meant, exceedingly soft.

Duck Noodle Soup 烧鸭汤面, 13.50AUD

Having a open-air kitchen concept, the chef’s privacy was transparent. Jan and I were surprised to see our duck microwaved and then served right away. The meats were pre-cooked and then warmed up so effortlessly. Bean sprouts were raw and the noodle soup was extremely bland.

Adding fuel to the fire, there was only a single chef and a single waitress maintaining the whole restaurant at peak (dinner) hour. Most of the tables including hours had to wait for about an hour to have food on our table. We were utterly disappointed to have waited extremely long to only receive mediocre standards of food. Dinner at Buntalk was indeed one of our worst dining experiences in Tasmania.

138 Charles Street
Launceston, Tasmania 7250

Tel: +(61) 03 6334 6469

Mon to Sat: 11.30am-9pm
Sun: Closed

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