Vegie Bar

Vegie Bar is one of my favourite go to restaurants if I crave for healthier food options. Its called Vegie Bar for a reason, most of the food available are vegan food. They cater to gluten conscious individuals as well. Of course, there are still meat items on the menu, so both vegans and non vegans could still enjoy good food. 

Finally having dinner with Rach and Yan again. Celebratory night means we’re eating healthy but cheating on slices of pizza!


They have an extensive variety of items from various parts of the world. I recall items such as Indonesian gado-gado, Spanish burritos, Thai’s phad Thai, French Risotto, Malaysian mee goreng, Vietnamese vermicelli noodles, Indian roti, and… so much more.

But specially tonight we went for Italian, African, and… Australian?


Moroccan Stew, 15.50AUD

Served with flatbread, we had the roasted eggplant stew on raisin and almond couscous, cucumbers, chickpeas, mushrooms, yoghurt, parsley and dukkah. I would turn vegan if I could have extraordinary vegan food like these everyday.


Baked Field Mushroom, 14AUD

The Baked Field Mushroom was unexpected. Though the mushroom was only one gigantic piece, it was made exceptional with roasted sweet potato and quinoa mash that goes on top of the mushroom. Even the cheese included on it was vegan cheese. The stew is tomato based with some olives and onions in the mixture.


Peri Peri Pizza, 12.50AUD

I had three slices of pizza with no regrets. Oh hey, its my celebratory night after all! The pizza crust have just enough crisp that’s on point, without it being too chewy or tough to bite. There’s chicken, mushrooms, fetta, red onion, and all drizzled in mild peri peri sauce. So good!


Sticky Date Pudding With Gelato

After wiping up all the savouries, the three of us had a tough time choosing which dessert to maliciously devour on. Cheesecake? Flourless Chocolate? or Sticky Date?!

Sticky Date won and we added sin by adding two gelato scoops on the side. Rach made the effort to cut the Sticky Date hoping some sort of chocolate porn would put on a show. Sadly, no show. Down to our very last bite, we licked the whole plate clean, I mean, metaphorically.


I was admiring their beautiful decor and taking pictures with the purpose of loading it up to this blog post until.. I got stopped. Oh well, I managed to take some really nice fancy areas of Veggie Bar and sure enough I’m still posting this up! Sorry I’m not sorry! On the upside, I’m really drawn with the whole interior design. It was beyond doubt, very inspirational.


Just when every other city in other countries are starting out to embrace a cafe culture, we’re already going green, clean and gluten free. When it comes to food, I love how Australians are always ahead and they take health and nutrition very seriously. Jumping on the healthy bandwagon taught me how to become aware of what goes in and out of my body. In such health conscious environment, I have unconsciously forced myself to pay attention on dietary proportions and nutritions. I know you guys can’t believe I just said that considering that my cheat days are overwhelmingly frequent. Thing is, as I grow up, I have tried to cut down especially on the fried and processed. Now my competition is just sugar, that to eliminate, is entirely not possible.
There is definitely a growing amount of vegan and gluten free cafes opening up every so often around the block. Many of them are voicing and promoting themselves through Instagram and Facebook. Of course I’m hooked. Can’t wait to check them all out real soon, slowly but surely!

Vegie Bar
380 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Victoria 3065
+(61) 03 9417 6935
to Fri: 11am-10pm
Sat to Sun: 9am-10pm
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