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Good morning readers! Okay maybe not morning to some of you guys.. Anyhoo, Jan and I were up early to leave Hobart and continue our journey from the south to the east. We made a stop to Pigeon Hole for breakfast before bidding Hobart goodbye.


Acorn Fed Pork, Apple & Beetroot Slaw, 15AUD

Not too sure how these beet slaw were compounded in the kitchen. I’m not a masterchef but I’m guessing they used pork meats, beets and apples, blend them to achieve that consistency. It was definitely the first I’ve seen to include the blend of beets with pork and apple. We thought the malt and linseed sourdough could be toasted a little longer because we would’ve preferred crustier breads.


Poached Cherries, 10AUD

On the other hand, I’m in love with my plate of yoghurt. Both the red quince and cherries were poached, dusted with cut out almonds. The red syrup on the circumference also had just enough sweetness to counterbalance the slightly sourish yoghurt. My my my, we both felt like a healthy duo with our orders.


Pigeon Hole is a healthier cafe option for the health concerned. If you’re looking to munch on a ultra dynamic big breakfast calorie puncher, or a purgatoric greasy burger, this is not your place. Service was quick and overall it was a pleasant visit to Pigeon Hole. After all, healthy can be tasty too.

Pigeon Hole
93 Goulburn Street

Tasmania 7000
+(61) 03 6236 9306

to Sun: 7.30am-4.30pm

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