Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge Tavern Bar & Bistro


Today was the first day in Tasmania and what was on our itinerary? Hiking at the Iconic Cradle Mountain! Of the limited choices available for dinner along Cradle Mountain Road, we settled at Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge Tavern Bar & Bistro. We didn’t stay in at the ‘Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge’ itself, rather, we chose to sojourn in a private cottage managed by ‘Cradle Mountain Highlanders Cottages’. It was a lovely winter stay as we got to witness the snow; snuggle warm with a traditional wood-fired fireplace; watched possums climbing on our front porch, and simply just getting away from reality. It was a mind and emotional test that I survived zero wifi connection. Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge Tavern Bar & Bistro is just a few hundred metres drive away from our private cottage.

After a day of trekking, boy aren’t we famished. A burger and pizza would be the perfect first meal to start off our Tasmanian journey with.


Cradle Burger, 20.90AUD

Because sharing is caring, we proportioned both the pizza and the burger to ourselves. The beef patty was cooked until medium to medium-well in doneness. Some cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato slices, aioli dressing, and perfectly thin cut fries, just the way I like it. Its a good burger, easy to do, but it is value for money? That price is pretty steep for a normal burger.


Meat Lovers Lodge Pizza, 19.90AUD

For the pizza, we chose the Meat Lovers, consisting of beef, salami, onion and barbecue sauce. Same thing, its good and decent, but not spectacularly mind blowing.


The theme of decor for most lodges and cottages were down-to-earth as wooden tiles were primarily used to frame the facades and furnitures.


There’s also a humongous stoned fireplace that allows warmth to emanate the entire tavern bar. With a father and son battling it out on a pool table and television programming soccer highlights, it made it all the more cozy and homey for us. We felt totally welcomed, totally at home.


Unless you cook, trust me, we’ve searched and scoured, Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge Tavern Bar & Bistro is at hand already the most affordable dinner place around here. All the other very few restaurants serve high class dining that may be palatable, but all I want after a day of hiking was simply, a good traditional burger that I could get my hands dirty and munch on.

We circled the whole of Tasmania for our nine day trip there. Stay tuned for more eateries because I can’t wait to share more of my journey with you guys!

Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge Tavern Bar & Bistro
4038 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain
Cradle Mountain,
Tasmania 7306
+(61) 03 6492 2100

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