Pasini’s Cafe

As this isn’t easy enough of a guess? Of course, we ordered another pizza. We had no choice of the small town’s available options. Bicheno is a quiet and laid-back town with not much entertainment at hand, but strategically we had to make a pit stop here for the night. Pasini’s Cafe was seemingly the best restaurant at the town populated at less than a thousand. Its a friendly family hangout place that is suited for everyone.

Pasini’s Seafood Chowder, 17AUD

Cold weather? No worries, we’ve got soup! We had a huge bowl of seafood chowder to share. It was more of a milky texture than cream. Every chowder I have tasted in Tasmania was different, but all tasteful. Other than the bread which I would like it to be toasted, our seafood chowder was a great complementary dish to the pizza we ordered.

The Gulch Pizza, S:15AUD/M:24AUD/L:31AUD

Everything slabbed on the pizza base was different kinds of seafood. They had on some smoked salmon, octopuses, clams, mussels, salty anchovies, mussels and chili spices on a tomato base, with everything topped with mozzarella of course. You seriously have to taste it to try how good it was.

Espresso Cheesecake, 7AUD

Do not eat the coffee beans I said. Not being a coffee person, Jan regretted that he refused to listen to my words. He was just being gutsy but that did not avail. We swept the coffee beans aside and the rest of the cake was enjoyable. It had the perfect balance of the cream cake in ratio to the biscuit crust.



A very satisfying meal indeed.

Pasini’s Cafe

70 Burgess Street, Bicheno
Bicheno, Tasmania 7215
Tel: +(61) 03 6375 1076

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