Machine Laundry Cafe


French Toast, 15.50AUD

We did lots of research when it comes to brunch places. Machine Laundry Cafe comes up on top of the list on many sites. It wasn’t at all a fluke, each dish was perfected with finesse. A dish as simple as French toast or scrambled eggs was elevated extraordinarily. First off, I was blown away by my two pieces of French Toast infused with mandarin orange flavour, covered in curd and drizzled with crunchy pistachio bits. Three jam options for me to further spread these toasties on. My personal favourite was the creamy chocolate ganache. It was dark but sweet, rich in flavour and texture at the same time. Eat it on its own or mix all the three jam components together and my god it was divine.


The Old New Egg Dish, 14AUD

Jan said these scrambled eggs were one of the best he’s ever had. The texture of the egg was silky and buttery with beetroot relish that melts within. Just basic ingredients done impressively. Bravo!  These scrambled eggs were paired with garlic sourdough underneath and wildrockets on top.


Chorizo, 3.50AUD

Jan added a bowl of chorizo on the side because he can’t do without meat. Oh you know, boys…


Machine Laundry Cafe has laundry machines lined up for you so you could bring your dirty laundry in, wash them and then proceed to the cafe to have a cuppa. What a smart way to diversify your business into. Surprisingly, they do this a lot in Tasmania its quite a common sight.


There are also seats for you to sit at outside the cafe. A pity, all of the customers chose to sit inside because it was freezing that morning. It was really packed inside and we had to wait 15 minutes to get a table. I bet you in summer this place would be a hot spot, especially because its situated in Battery Point district, at Salamanca Square.

Machine Laundry Cafe
Shop 12 Salamanca Square, Battery Point
Tasmania 7004
+(61) 03 6224 9922

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