Jackman & McRoss


Straight off a French Film movie scene, Jackman & McRoss easily fulfilled my Parisian dream as it set off that whimsical vibe the moment I lay my eyes upon it. Those aged European faux brick walls, old-newspaper type font, and the classic wooden caned chairs collectively painted a perfect picture.


Flat White

We spent the start of our day reading up on terrorism with a cup of Flat White to start. Thumbs up to the coffee, it was tasteful.


Okay I’m just kidding, I didn’t actually touch on the news, Jan did. I was only admiring at all sorts of tarts, danish pastries, baguettes, brioches and all other sweet treats Jackman & McRoss has to offer.


Since it was still early in the am, most of the customers who came by were working professionals and do daily coffee and pastry takeouts. Loving this kind of crowd and I am always allured to that busy morning businessmen/women scene before they head to work (Don’t judge my weirdness). Commitments and responsibilities keeps my adrenalin going. Can’t wait to graduate, I’m probably one of the very few people who couldn’t wait to proceed to the working world.


Scrambled Eggs Wrapped In Salmon On Aioli, Rocket & Danish Pastry, 11AUD

All that small talk aside, we ordered this Scrambled Eggs Wrapped in Salmon Pastry. This dish is the signature item of Jackman & McRoss and lots of tourists and locals come here for the chance to have a bite on it. Our verdict was that we el oh vee ee loved it! The scrambled eggs stays firm but delicate and airy within while it sits on a soft, flaky pastry. My god, what a creation.


Vanilla Slice W Crème Patisserie, Fresh Strawberries & Brisse Pastry, 7.80AUD

The other pastry we ordered was a sweet option. This dish reminded me me of sweet German strudels but with an extra layered white chocolate slathered on top for extra morning sweetness. Within was only sweetened custard with strawberries but we both thoroughly enjoyed this option as well nonetheless. A pity we only shared two dishes because we already have lunch plans in two hours time.


Here I go close-up and personal trying to showcase some of Jackman & McRoss beautiful array of savoury and sweet nibblets.


Full of flavour, or having it plain, it suits all moods.

Today we spent the quiet morning wasting hours in a cafe conversing on plans and dreams of the future. From time to time, we let our senses soak in the atmosphere as we savour each passing moment. Jackman & McRoss reminded me how to daydream, and I love that it did. When I first entered into Jackman & McRoss, my expectation was high. The best part was that I came out feeling more contented than expected. Seriously, for all of you who are like me, a sucker for European inspired bakeries, you must head down to Jackman & McRoss to give it a go.

Jackman & McRoss
59 Hampden Road, Battery Point
Hobart, Tasmania 7004
+(61) 03 6223 3186

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