Jack Greene Bar


The first bite was heavenly. It was like god bestowed upon my tongue and blessed it. Jack Greene Bar is the real deal, it was no question, our favourite dinner place throughout our 9 day trip in Tasmania. No one ever miss Salamanca Place on Battery Point when visiting Hobart. Jack Greene Bar is located along the pier, facing the harbour. Without a doubt, the best food at the best location of Hobart.


Beef & Bacon Burger, 17AUD

If you’re looking for a huge quality burger, Jack Greene Bar serves just so. Jan chose the Beef & Bacon Burger while I chose the Pulled Pork. I recommend sharing burgers so you could get a taste of many bursting flavours. Its easy to perfect a good quality patty or steak, but the whole collective combination of items in a  burger have to blend well together. The patty at Jack Greene was perfectly tender as it was a Tasmanian grass fed wagyu beef they used. The cheese within were the finest Tasmanian grown gruyere produced from Heidi Farms, which had a sweet, nutty and concentrated flavour that complements the patty and bacon. Oh sweet heaven. Alongside the lettuce, beetroot and tomatoes, they drizzled two types of sauces, smoky barbecue sauce, and garlic aioli.


Pulled Pork Burger, 17AUD + Chips, 4AUD

The presentation made it all the more palatable with a wooden tray bringing out the rustic-ism and grunge-ness. This burger sure has its own aggressive personality screaming: “Eat me!” or “You know you want me!” The pulled pork was over the top delicious with just the right amount of salt and acidity, and just enough sweetness that comes from the caramelised pineapple within. Added with additional sweet chili and mayonnaise for an extra oomph in your mouth. On the side, these chips were very lightly seasoned, but crusty enough to stand out on its own. And the best part? Jack Greene uses cholesterol free oil.


Inside the restaurant feels like an overloaded grunge bar, but still a cozy one. There was also live performance music and a bar counter to order fine alcohol.


Unlike Melbourne, Hobart doesn’t get much tourists during winter. I think we’re the only ones here tonight.


I don’t think I’ll visit Tasmania anytime soon, but if I do, I’ll be back here for sure.

Jack Greene Bar
41 Salamanca Place, Battery Point
Hobart, Tasmania 7004
+(61) 03 6224 9655

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