Ichi Ichiku Izakaya

Its not too common to have a legit Japanese restaurant in Melbourne. Ichi Ichiku Izakaya left us feeling satisfied that night. For the most part we’re absolutely blown away by the desserts. The restaurant also serves breakfast and brunch. I can’t wait to be back just to try their Chai Bircher as well as tons of their fanciful muffin offerings. Can you believe it, they have Tim Tam Muffins; Violet Crumbs Chocolate Muffins; Triple Chocolate Coconut Muffins with caramel slice; Pavlova Muffins; Black Forest Muffins; Blueberry And Ricotta Muffins with lemon zest; Mocha Muffins; and many more variations. Ahh! I could go on… I need all that muffins right now! Unfortunately, I have to pick my dates carefully and rely on my luck because these muffin flavours are changed daily. But all that muffins sound so delicious, the odds should be in my favour.
Roast Beef & Brown Rice Salad ローストビーフと玄米サラダ, 14AUD

Yan ordered the Roast Beef & Brown Rice Salad. It was a hearty and healthier option for sure. We all agreed that the beef marinate was ridiculously amazing. The beef has a tad bit of its gamey flavour but paired with an unknown sweet and slightly sour but salty burst of flavour from the marinate. Yeah all at once, I’m not kidding. 

Bento Box 弁当, 22AUD
Both Jo and Jan ordered the Bento Box. The Bento Box has different sets of items served daily. Today’s box consist of brown rice, roasted pumpkins, some greens, baked salmon, fresh raw salmon and tuna, as well as a slice of strawberry and melon mochi in the middle. It was the perfect balance of the healthy living pyramid.

‘Famous’ Ichi Ni Roll, 25AUD

We got a sushi roll to share. Other than the gorgeous smoky salmon slice on top of the brown rice, there’s lobster meats hidden inside the rice folds paired with avocado slices, and cucumber. Oh my god, bravo! brava! – we’d say.

Salmon Teriyaki & Mayo テリヤキサ一モンマヨ, 20AUD
Coming here I had the intention to order something with rice and salmon. The Salmon Teriyaki caught my eye because our neighbour ordered this particular dish and I knew I wanted exactly that very same plate. After ditching the entire wasabi away, my mixture of lightly blowtorch seared salmon with teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise and egg roes was indeed the best dish of the night. I highly recommend this particular dish if you’re at Ichi Ichiku Izakaya.

This izakaya is quite tiny and there were non-stop queues outside from when we arrive till we left.
Matcha Tiramisu ダリーンティーティラミス, 9.50AUD
And then it’s dessert time! This was the best Matcha Tiramisu cake I’ve ever eaten in my life, this particular slice was out to win. Reason being, the consistency of cream was thick and gooey. The matcha flavour was absolutely authentic and non powdery. This was a great fusion of both Italian and Japanese genius.

Black Sesame Cheesecake 黒ゴマチーズケーキ, 9.50AUD

This square piece was another paragon of awesomeness. These cakes are not too sweet which is perfect for most taste buds. Both Jo and Jan loved both cakes but preferred the Black Sesame Cheesecake. Yan on the other hand, couldn’t make a decision on which she preferred better. It was a tough choice indeed. Imagine cheesecake with blended black sesame mix. Whoa…? The red bean compote was an excellent topping that enhanced the already-perfect cheesecake.

The decoration was beautiful and we loved the dim lights, contemporary music selection and fast paced service altogether. Its not a romantic restaurant, but definitely intimate. At the time Ichi Ichiku Izakaya was filled with the middle-aged, wearing smart/casual work appropriate outfits. This Japanese restaurant is the perfect place to have easy dinner at, even the interior decor itself is the perfect conversation starter.

Ichi Ichiku Izakaya
119 Park Street, South Yarra
Victoria 3141
+(61) 03 9820 9119

to Sun: 7am-11pm

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