Hamers Bar And Grill


Spicy Crumbed Pork Cutlet, 26.50AUD

After a long day of cruising with World Heritage Cruises exploring the Gordon River, we went back to our inn to rest and finally got ready for dinner. Since it was a small town with limited choice of restaurants available, we were pretty easy with options for dinner. Something good from a stretch of restaurants near the Strahan Harbour would do it. We picked Hamers Bar And Grill because it stood out to us the most. It also seemed to be the most crowded restaurant around town. We saw some familiar faces, people taking the same cruise ride with us here at the very same restaurant. I’m not exaggerating when I said this town is incredibly small. I bet everyone who stays in this town all know each other.

Jan had the Pork Cutlet which was absolutely delicious. The amount of meat was just enough, but the crushed potatoes was too much to balance out with the protein. We had ample amount of wilted spinach which wasn’t really seasoned, but the apple relish made up for it. It was a concoction of sweet and sour harmonized as one. We could only wish there were more of it. However, I still think pork cutlets go best with sweet apple chutneys rather than relish, even compote or puree.


Braised Lamb Shanks, 26AUD

I went for the Braised Lamb Shank cut accompanied with mashed chats, some buttered spinach, fetta, olives and a stalk of rosemary. The sauce of the lamb shank has a marinara flair and the meat was absolutely tender. But again, too much potatoes were served. Of course they could’ve given us more lamb meats for us to really enjoy that whole amount of mash. Jan loved my version of fetta mixed into the mashed chats.


Overall we both preferred the Pork Cutlet dish over the Lamb Shank, and just wished both mashed potatoes could switch plates.

Hamers Bar And Grill
31 Esplanade, Strahan
Tasmania 7468
+(61) 03 6471 4335

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