Calm And Comfy


On the way from Strahan to Lake St Clair and we passed by Meadowbank Lake. These pictures were intentionally taken as tourist shots. But since my outfit of the day blends so well with the vastness of calm waters and blue sky, I became too excited and want to share this harmonious blend with you guys. A sweater is always the easiest and the most comfortable piece you can find in the wardrobe especially during winter periods. To avoid being too bland, the tribal-esque print made it easy for me, just chug it and go, its all so mindless and no accessories needed (other than the scarf to keep me warm). Now I’m already back in Melbourne in the comfort of my home but currently still daydreaming of Tasmanian beauty.

Outfit: Sweater, Sportsgirl // Denim Pants, Forever 21 // Snow Boots, Thrifted // Scarf, Burberry // Sunglasses, Giorgio Armani
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