Blue Edge Bakery


My loyal readers would have known how much I love bakeries! Jan and I ordered a lot for breakfast today. We stopped by this spacious bakery because of its excellent reviews online. Blue Edge Bakery is a family owned bakery selling breads and pastries at very reasonable prices. Yeap and we just had to order tons!



Skinny Flat White, 3.80AUD

No latte art but coffee was great enough to pair them with my sweet pastries. Bitter and sweet balance is always what I’m seeking for at bakeries like this one.


Steak & Mushroom, 4.50AUD

Jan being Jan had to had something savoury. It was generous in its filling and not too salty. 


Raspberry And Rhubarb Tart

We also had the Raspberry And Rhubarb Tart. I’ve never seen both raspberry and rhubarb infused as a topping for a tart. A tad bit sourish for my liking, perhaps it should be a little sweeter for me to fall head over heels for it.


Fetta, Potato, Spinach Roll, 3.50AUD

A good savoury roll that was not too over the top delicious but addictive with every bite god knows why.


Vanilla Slice, 3.50AUD

I fell in love with this creamy rich Vanilla Slice. The filling wasn’t too sweet for us so having a block of it was not too sinful. Warning though, the icing was incredibly sweet but only having a thin layer of it was the perfect amount to pick up the sugar rush. I’m immediately refreshed.


Croissant, 3AUD

Croissants are one of my favourite breads ever! Simple, huge and amazing.


Strawberry Raspberry Fruit Buns, 1.20AUD

This danish pastry is a hot sexy mess. It looks a little deconstructed, quirky but still palatable looking because of its vibrant colour. The sweet berry compote was perfect and the sugared icing managed to counterbalance the acidity coming from both fruits.



We sat outside because we did not want to waste a beautiful weather. Having breakfast and a warm cuppa at 12 degrees was the perfect way to start our morning. If you are looking for a breakfast destination in Bicheno, I recommend Blue Edge Bakery.

Blue Edge Bakery
55 Burgess Street
Bicheno, Tasmania 7215
Tel: +(61) 03 6375 1972
Mon to Sun: 6am-4pm

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