Banjo’s Bakery Café


Early morning before leaving Strahan, Jan and I drove back to the row of restaurants along The Esplanade for breakfast. Banjo’s Bakery Café has many chains across Australia, so we thought its the safest bet to go for good quality breakfast.


Skinny Cappuccino, 4.20AUD

I started out with a mandatory cup of coffee because I was still probably half asleep at the time. I don’t like adding sugar to my coffee, what about you? The Cappuccino at Banjo’s Bakery Café had just the perfect bitterness for me.


Steak Pie, 4.80AUD + Vegetarian Roll, 4.10AUD 

We had ordered an extra pie and a roll for take away in case we’re hungry on the road. There’s many Steak Pie variations to choose from. There are ‘Pepper steaks’, ‘Steak and Mushrooms’, ‘Steak and Bacon’, ‘Steak and Cheese’. We picked the Steak and mushrooms.


Tasmanian Smoked Salmon Pita, 8.50AUD

Tasmanian salmon is the state’s pride, so I figured that I should try the Smoked Salmon Pita. I love the mixture of smoked salmon with red onions, cream cheese, rocket and iceberg lettuce. It was perfect, except that there was too much dill mayo spread within. Can’t wait to go home to recreate my very own version of salmon pita.


Breakfast With The Works, 17.50AUD

I have always never liked ordering Big Breakfast because rationally, I could make the very same plate for one-fifth of the selling price. But well, Jan was really hungry so he wanted something big. It came out not too big after all. There’s poached eggs with bacon, tomato, mushrooms, sourdough, and red pepper tomato relish. I spy them sausages are missing, and what’s The Big Breakfast without sausages?!!! He was slightly disappointed but I was happy with my pick.



Not just within, out on the corridor there is also seating areas to watch ferries go by and people feeding ducks. A very comfortable morning indeed.

Great coffee from Banjo’s Bakery Café, I’ve got to get another! Now I’m ready to hit the road again. Next stop: Lake St Clair at Central Tasmania.

Banjo’s Bakery Café
Restaurant Row On The Esplanade, Strahan
Tasmania 7468
+(61) 03 6471 4203

to Sun: 6am-6pm

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