White Salt Fish And Chippery


Meal For Two (2 Fish, 2 Potato Cakes, 4 Calamari Rings, Small Chips), 28AUD

A quick dinner at Phillip Island right after we watch the adorable penguins made its way back to the shores. I was craving for Fish & Chips, White Salt Fish And Chippery was pretty much the better option I searched for on Urbanspoon taking into consideration taste, and location. The store was located at the Woolamai region, a few minutes drive in from Phillip island bridge itself.

We ordered a meal for two. Two fishes we chose from a small variety selection, the Whiting Fish and the Blue Grenadier. Of course you could opt for deep fried tempura style, or simply grilled. I do like the Blue Grenadier better (The one pierced with a blue sword) as it has that stronger fish taste. If we ordered flakes alongside the deep fried chips, I foresee the both of us would get sore throat syndromes by the night. Jan especially loved the more than sufficient battered chips. That’s what a classic wedge should be like, he said. I preferred the calamari. It was thick and succulent, oh so flavourful! A pity there was only four of them.

Do check out the timings or perhaps, make a phone call as they are only open five days a week and short period of time on days that are opened. White Salt Fish And Chippery was not the best fish and chips I’ve tasted, but it was a really decent option for a quick bite-and-go.

White Salt Fish And Chippery
7 Vista Place, Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island
Melbourne, Victoria 3925
Tel: +(61) 03 5956 6336

White Salt Fish and Chippery on Urbanspoon
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