Urban Provedore

How excited was I when Urban Provedore opened? Very. Its now the closest cafe I have near me, literally a less than ten seconds walk from my apartment gates. The area is spacious and modern, with huge clear window panes that allow lots of natural light to lightly seep into the cafe. Only less than a minute detour, my Melbourne to-go cafe to luxuriate in has just got even more real.

There’s also a point of purchase healthy and organic food and beverages. There are snacks, beverages, jams, sauces, pastas and quinoas. I have my eyes on the almond butter and I’m definitely getting it the next time I come down.


House-Made Toasted Muesli With Shaw River Buffalo Yoghurt, Baked Rhubarb Compote, 12AUD

This was in fact, one of the tastiest muesli combination I had ever. The soft baked rhubarb was so healthy and sweet, two good in one. I was told shaw river buffalo yoghurt mixture made use of minimal amounts of cheese blended together with the yoghurt. How clever.


So far I’ve been here twice, and during that second time we were here, this was what Jan and I ordered.


Spanish Baked Eggs With House Baked Beans, Chorizo, Smoked Ham Hock, Braised Tomatoes, Chilli, Sourdough Toast, 18AUD

We totally didn’t expect watery baked eggs. This tasted like Indomie baked eggs. My fellow Indonesian readers would know what I mean and could totally imagine the taste on that hotpot. Its surprisingly tasty, but we’re confused and we still pretty much feel that the common red baked eggs are better in terms of taste.


Chilled Yoghurt Pudding Spiced Poached Pears, Burnt Butter Crumble, Orange And Saffron Syrup, 16AUD

The pudding stood out to me when I read it on the menu. I love yoghurts and this variation of pudding has a concoction of creamy, buttery and sandy texture. The orange and saffron syrup gave off that sweet and sour taste. Oh and that burnt butter crumble.. was the best part. Its definitely heaven in the mouth but 16 bucks for a pudding, its pretty steep.


There’s pastas, sandwiches, sweet tarts, basic breads and baguettes up for sale at the store-in. I really liked a few things on the menu which stood out to me. Then again, that’s a problem. A few, is a problem.

Service wise, I’ve been lucky and have been served well by the waiter/waitresses. I have been wanting to come down for a coffee session while cramping my study notes into my head (how terrible its exam week!). From what I have noticed there weren’t any latte arts adorned to the coffees here. But, my monsieur neighbour told me that the coffees were great, so I’m still going to give it another try.

Urban Provedore
231 Toorak Road, South Yarra
Victoria 3141
+(61) 03 9820 3500
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