The Lui Bar


The Lui Bar is one of Melbourne’s top picks for bar night destinations. Its quirky ice decors acts as the centerpiece and its what makes Lui Bar, The Lui Bar.


View from where we’re sitting. People look at vast wide beaches or a sea of green grass patches, but personally, I’m one who seems to be immensely drawn to city skyscrapers.


Several of the drinks our table ordered include the Spider Dance Fizz, Lui Martini and the Sherry Cobbler. It gets exciting to pull syringes and create your own alcohol mix. We’re not customers of the bar, we were, in fact, chemical engineers.


Chickpea Fries, 12AUD

The chickpea fries were a unique pick. I imagine smashed chickpea formed and fried into rectangle cubes. Amazing sauce on the side with hints of lemon and mint.


Feels like I’m embracing Ariel’s presence from The Little Mermaid with my green dress today. *shy giggle* She’s my favourite Disney princess after all.


The atmosphere was quite zappy, even with no music besieging the Lui compound. Soft jazzy music would perhaps be a minor recommendation to illuminate more romanticism, or even encourage engagement of deliberate corporate discussion.

I can’t fathom what measure of beauty lies upon that window. I felt a sense of nostalgia, a certain delight looking at the ephemeral blue silhouettes which lasted only minutes before it turned dark. Melbourne oh Melbourne, yet again, tonight you left me feeling grateful just to be here.

The Lui Bar
525 Collins Street, Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9691 3888

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