Le Miel Et La Lune


Le Miel Et La Lune
is possibly my favourite gem closest to Melbourne University. Have been wanting to come here for a long time and we finally did. Le Miel Et La Lune is a French title that means, ‘Honey and the moon’. So adorable and quirky isn’t it? I’m always inspired by such kooky and peculiar ideas, I don’t know why.


Pork Belly Potato Hash, 17.90AUD

Le Miel’s Pork Belly and Potato Hash would send all them boys and girls to the yard. A considerably generous portions of shimeji and enoki mushrooms right on top of sliced pork belly and potato hash collectively drizzled with creamy sesame sauce. Both the pork belly and mushrooms were cooked to the point, not overdone, and certainly not undercooked. Maybe the poached egg is a little out of the way but we don’t mind the additional pictorial drama of some yolk porn.


Lamb Burger, 18AUD

Jan chose the Lamb Burger served with baby roasted potatoes on the side. The lamb still has its very slight gamey aroma, just enough to make us drool over it. But, as good as it was, the patty was smaller than the already-minuscule buns. Sure the portion might just be enough for most women, but my man needed more protein to fuel him up in his opinion. Possibly, that amount of tzatziki relish could volumize equally to the size of the lamb patty.


Sweet Corn Fritter, 18.50AUD

I ordered the Sweet Corn Fritter with grilled bacons. I could not miss my chances on a Mexican variant of fritters. The plating was beautiful. Not only did the tomato salsa made a beautiful floral-esque presentment, but dayum this tasted absolutely perfect too. Salsa relish with guacamole, red onions, coriander and chili sour cream on two stacks of corn fritters? Qué Impresionante! *Ahh! dances with my Mexican hat now*


I will definitely be back for more. I can see why this cafe house is ranked highly by reviewers. Le Miel Et La Lune now ranks pretty highly on my top list. Exquisite brunch food, really.

Le Miel Et La Lune
330 Cardigan Street, Carlton
Victoria 3053
+(61) 03 9043 9767
to Fri: 7am-4pm

Sat: 8am-4pm
Sunday: Closed

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