Laksa King


Combination Curry Laksa, 9.80AUD

Its hard to find a legit cheap Asian food eatery in Melbourne that combines Indonesian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Hong Kong cuisine in one targeted store. Although Laksa King claimed to serve authentic Malaysian type dishes, these dishes are clearly the staples of many other South-East Asian countries.

There are several types of Laksa choices to choose from. We opted for the best seller Laksa called the Combination. It has shredded chicken pieces with fish cakes, shrimps, tofus with tons of fried shallots. Two types of noodles were usually combined, the thick yellow mie, and the angel haired bee hoon. My expectation for a good classic Laksa is on par as Singapore’s home-brand authentic Katong Laksa. This one at Laksa King could fight with taste, but I still very much prefer the hawker food styled Laksa back in Singapore as they have a thicker curry paste. For my local Mebournian readers, I believe Laksa has an acquired taste. We sat beside two caucasians who ordered Laksa, its a funny picture in my mind (so cute). They seemed like they loved it. I, too, used to not be a fan, but became obsessed with it for a period of time as I grew older. 


Laksa King’s Roasted Baby Chicken, 16.80AUD

Seemed overpriced for a baby chicken, this plate was recommended under the chef’s special. No biggie, no special spices or other condiments were added. Taste was normal, and quite a waste of money for that amount of price.



Pork Belly With Bak Kut Teh Herbs, 20.80AUD

Every single time we dined with Audy, there’s always a pork dish that ended up sitting on the table, especially pork belly. Bak Kut Teh Herbs on a pork belly, I wouldn’t mind that either! We had a piece each, and I surrendered my pork fat portion to Audy. Too much fats on the top which was too mushy for my liking, but he on the other hand, loved it. Can you believe it? He ate my pork fat, without the pork meat! He deserves claps from me.


Beef Black Bean Rice Noodle, 11.20AUD

I love Beef Black Bean Rice Noodle (Hor Fun) so much that I ever had six servings of it at one go. Now that we all grow up and have converted to a weight watcher, we have to share a single bowl for three. It taste exactly like how an authentic hor fun would taste, just a good old taste of home.


Laksa was Jan’s favourite dish for the night. Mine was the Beef Black Bean Rice Noodles. Of course, Audy’s was the Pork Belly. Laksa King is our new found favourite for South-East Asian foods that we miss dearly. With its inaccessable location, it still managed to attract crazy queues and crowds on the night that we went. Cheap good food always win. At Laksa King, we feel closer to home.

Laksa King
6-12 Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington
Melbourne, Victoria 3031
Tel: +(61) 03 9372 6383
Mon to Thu: 11am-3pm
Fri to Sat: 11.30am-3pm
Sun: 11.30am-3pm

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