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Going out with my Indo boys means going Asian most of the time. Just beside University of Melbourne’s The Spot, tucked in Garage Cafe And Bar.


Gado-Gado, 11AUD

As usual, me and my craze over Gado-Gado isn’t over yet. A tad bit weird that they are using lettuce instead of cabbage to base the other ingredients. You don’t usually find tomato slices on Gado-Gado but at Garage Cafe, you would. We concluded that this Gado-Gado variation was made westernized. The peanut sauce was great as well. To improve with the plating of these ingredients, perhaps some bean sprouts, an egg, and some water spinach could be added. Now this, forms the perfect gado gado.


Ayam Penyet, 11AUD

Jan ordered the Ayam Penyet that was served on a classic Indonesian iron wok. With chicken, thighs, fried beef balls, fried bean curd, fried egg, and fried tempe. The best part was to dip all of the above with the classic Indonesian spicy chilli. If I were to order the Ayam Penyet, I think I would have three to four rounds of that chilli. Maybe have a cold gelato to neutralize the fiery damage (Ironically adding more damage to the waistline).


Nasi Goreng Ayam, 11AUD

Best dish of the night goes to the Nasi Goreng Ayam! Slightly sticky yet soft textured rice with lots of flavour bursting out from every grain. This was a killer dish, once you start you can’t stop. I’m telling you, it was a sinner.


The restaurant is located in this huge warehouse with parking lots and pool tables by the side. I’m not particularly sure but perhaps you could park your car inside. On the right you’ll see spaces for customers to sit and be served.


Totally enjoyed this spacious area.

Garage Cafe And Bar
221 Berkeley Street, Carlton

Melbourne, Victoria 3053
Tel: +(61) 03 9349 5000

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