Fukuryu Ramen

The red dragon sign is Fukuryu Ramen’s signature symbol. Jan had strong cravings for a good quality ramen and we were here because several of our friends recommended this place to us.


Miso Ramen (Medium), (S:7.90AUD / M:11.90 / L:14.90AUD)

I have always opted for Miso Ramen every single time I set foot to a ramen store. I ordered a medium sized bowl and it came with three pork slices, sweet corns, half an egg and spring onions. The broth was mixed with butter so its quite sweet but not too tangy. Well, I didn’t like the soup at all, it was too mild without that authentic flavour or ruggedness I expected. To add fuel to the fire, my noodles came in soft and thick, not how a classic ramen noodles should be like.


Signature Tonkotsu (Large), (S:7.90AUD / M:11.90 / L:14.90AUD)

Jan ordered a large Tonkotsu. The broth was so much thicker with slight salty piquant taste. It came with a full egg and five slices of pork. The best part? The noodles were so much thinner than mine. I’m pretty sure both noodles on our bowls were different and I very much preferred his. Unlike mine, his noodles were cooked to the tooth, al dente!

I have mixed feelings with Fukuryu Ramen. I enjoyed the Signature Tonkotsu but not the miso. As for its hype? I still don’t think Fukuryu Ramen deserves a spot in my top list. In fact, I haven’t found any best places to have ramen in Melbourne. Do share in the comments down below if you have a recommendation.

By the way, post a selfie with your ramen and post it on Instagram to be entitled to a free matcha ice cream cone.

Fukuryu Ramen
Level 1, 22-26 Corrs Lane, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9090 7149

Mon to Thu: 11.30am-2.30pm
Fri to Sat: 11.30am-2.30pm
Sun: 11.30am-2.30pm

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